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  1. Random Consumer
    Random Consumer says:

    I bought this design with all the hearts representing our family with the two rubies being the birthstone of our twins. The necklace and pendant got a great reaction from my wife and mother-in-law. My wife says it hangs is perfect but she’s more compact than tall. If your better half is tall, has a long neck or a long torso, buck up for a 24″ chain and swap them out before you hand it over!I agree that it is larger than expected/imagined from the pictures but certainly not “large.” Its size, color, and shine result in a beautiful, bright accent spot and not a garish attention draw. Additionally, the chain has a subtle moving shimmer/reflection along the length of it if the chain is attached with a twist in it and the necklace is in motion. The box is very nice and absolutely presentable after you peel off the country of origin sticker. I did not peel off the part code before presenting it just in case…but it can be peeled off now; She loves it!

  2. bcarr444
    bcarr444 says:

    Some of the questions seem repetitive and it can be tough to come up with clever answers. I’m in my 30’s and my best friend in her 40’s and she LOVED it and sent me these photos as she went through it with jokes about what I’d written. For someone who enjoys thoughtful gifts that take a little time I recommend it, especially if you can play with your answers a bit. It would be nice if it had other things more related to memories you share, but it was still fine. I also cut out a few little pictures and taped them inside for fun.

  3. Bob Digital
    Bob Digital says:

    i worked at a pawn shop for 6 years and learned a lot about the quality, cleaning, purchasing, and sales of jewelry and i can say this is a quality piece – its decent weight with the clarity and size of the diamonds make it look like something that would cost 4 times as much in a jewelry store and i can assure you we could have sold this for 150% what amazon was asking in the used retail jewelry market – girlfriend will be happy with this for xmasi did get a heavier higher quality chain that another reviewer suggested at the same time as purchasing this and im glad the chain that comes with it does not reflect the same quality of charm and cheapens it as a gift – even with the other chain this was a great deal

  4. Nicholas Rossetti
    Nicholas Rossetti says:

    I wasn’t really impressed after getting this necklace for my girlfriend. Although for what I paid I shouldn’t complain. My main concern was is it “REAL” so I took it and the earrings I bought her to a jeweler to have them looked at. The Jeweler was really nice and said “don’t tell me what you think they are, I will just tell you what they are”. Under a microscope she verified that it was Sterling Silver and the stones where DIAMONDS.Although she said they were very included (pitted to my best knowledge) and the color wasn’t ideal. Also the settings were pretty bad. I then got a nice lesson on diamond quality and clarity grades which are actually called out in the item’s description. So as far as the authenticity goes I received exactly what I ordered and until I start making 6 figures a year this is the best my girlfriend will see until maybe a wedding ring.My real advice is to look at the clarity grade, which is actually the least important when it comes to diamond cost but has the biggest effect on what the diamond actually looks like. These diamonds are “I3” which is the lowest clarity grade so they won’t look that great and may make you doubt their authenticity, Overall you get what you pay for and if this is in your price range then go for it, as long as you can say they are real diamonds most women will be happy.

  5. Keith Coleman Jr.
    Keith Coleman Jr. says:

    I got this as a gift for my fiancé for Christmas and she was pleasantly surprised! I have had multiple electric wine openers up to this point that have all had their flaws. But mostly we have needed to purchase a new one every year. While it has not been a year of me owning this one I am feeling pretty good about the purchase thus far and do think it is quality made.Pros:- This is well made. Even though it is plastic feels good in your hand and can take some of the drops that may happen.- The dock is easy to use. Fits perfectly without much fiddling to get it back where it belongs.- Good power for uncorking the wine. I have had a few that seem to struggle with stronger bottles.Cons:- This doesn’t necessarily take away from the product review but this is the tallest wine opener I have owned. Fits just fine in my kitchen but if you have low cabinets this thing will be real close to clearing.As for the Chiller it does its purpose. Its a snug fit if you use non traditional bottles of wine but it fits just about all of them that I have tried. As mentioned I would recommend this product.

  6. Jackie
    Jackie says:

    I bought these elephants for a cake topper for my wedding cake that I made. They were absolutely perfect! Shipping was fast & they came packaged good so that they would not break. The wood is gorgeous and not too shiny to look fake or tacky. They are not very heavy either. Now they sit on top of my kitchen cabinets for decoration.

  7. MakerMelton
    MakerMelton says:

    She texts me a photo of  Bandai Tamashii Nations Figuarts Zero Roronoa Zoro Battle Version Rengoku Onigiri Action Figure  on February 13th at 9pm with the caption reading, “Happy Valentine’s Day”. Panic sets in… confusion… I don’t understand. I thought we weren’t exchanging Valentine’s Day gifts… yet what is this picture she has sent me with this caption that contains those dreaded words, “Happy Valentine’s Day”? I should have known that she would still get me something… why hadn’t I known?!?My heart begins to physically hurt because she knows me so damn well as to choose Zoro, although I would have felt equally horrible had it been Franky. It begins to sink in that I am a horrible person… so in a futile attempt to make myself feel less horrible I text her back, hoping beyond hope that I get the answer I’m looking for, “That’s for me?” I ask… “Yes!” she replies… Disaster! My last hope that perhaps she had bought that for another random person she knows who loves One Piece and just texted me by mistake flies out the door along with my breath.I can’t breath, I’m hyperventilating thinking of how expensive running down to the mall to buy a last minute gift is going to be until… “But it won’t be here for a few weeks” she texts… What’s this?? Redemption?? Could this be true? Could I have just been given a chance to mitigate my horribleness? Yes! Karma is on my side this time! Quickly I bring up Amazon and search for necklaces because she had mentioned once before that she would like something that she could wear to tell people that it was from me and that is when I see it… the Diamond Heart Pendant Necklace… it’s simple, yet elegant… just like her and I know it is perfect!But what is this? The item is temporarily out of stock?? Ohhhh the humanity! I begin to feel redemption slipping from my grasp as I quickly look at all the other overly “blingy” heart pendants, none of which could have equaled the perfection of this item… But wait! Her text! “… a few weeks” she had said. Perfect! I bring the item back up, throw it in my basket and check out! I’m then able to immediately text her back (without lying), “I got you something too, but it’s also going to be late.” Slowly the seconds tick by until I receive her reply, “Ooooohhhhh what is it???”GLORIOUS REDEMPTION IS MINE! “Something you can wear and people will know is from me” I reply. 4 days later it arrives on my doorstep, I bring it to work to give to her, but first I give her a googly eye ring as a joke since hey… I’m 30 years old and like cartoons… so everybody would know that that’s my sense of humor if she wore it! She laughs at it but when she opens the box that I hand her 10 seconds after the ring her eyes nearly pop out of her head in surprise! She literally loves this necklace so much that she wears it everyday! Next time I will make sure to have something ordered in advance for the next Valentine’s Day that we’re not exchanging gifts!

  8. ILoveAmazonPrime!
    ILoveAmazonPrime! says:

    Not very happy with this purchase. The bracelets are different shade of gold than the band in the watch. I decided I could live with it because I don’t always wear them all together. I wear the one with zirconias only on special occasions, and on the second time I wore it I noticed a screw falling out of the band… Very disappointed with the quality of this purchase. And the return window closed after a month, so now I’m stuck with a bracelet that I can’t wear for fear of losing it…Update: The watch fell once and the entire glass shattered (for comparison: my old watch fell multiple times and the glass is still intact). The chain bracelet changed color to greyish-gold after about 10 wears and ended up in trash.DEFINITELY NOT WORTH THE PRICE!

  9. Cate
    Cate says:

    Exactly what I was looking for. Very stylish and goes with our eclectic mix of traditional and modern. Bought one for myself, and then purchased four more sets for family. My Mom passed away this year. After 58 years of marriage, she managed to surprise most by asking for “Nellie the Elephant” to be played as the last piece at her Service. She had a great sense of humor and told me to listen to the words (after she had made the choice, less than a year before her passing). Now I have a fixation with elephants. I face-timed the image to my brother to see if he thought it would be OK to get my Dad, and his response was so incredible, I asked if I should get one for all immediate family ….. hence the additional four purchases. Thank you for this beautiful piece!

  10. StSky
    StSky says:

    I really, really didn’t expect this thing to work. I’m always skeptical of motorized kitchen gizmos, especially for something that takes both force and finesse, like a cork. Personally, I prefer an old-fashioned waiter’s corkscrew but the rest of my family likes modern openers. And as my in-laws were getting older, even the newfangled special lever ones were getting harder to use. So, this thing started to make sense as a gift.Again, I really didn’t expect this to work well. But for the price, and my in-laws’ rate of wine consumption, I figured it couldn’t hurt to try.Lo and behold, on the first bottle, zoom, it took the cork right out without any drama. Same on the second. And so forth until now, we’re 3 years later and it’s still working fine for them several times a week. The chiller was a nice touch but I don’t think anybody ever used it.

  11. Gregg J Gardner
    Gregg J Gardner says:

    I LOVE this robe. I bought one for my husband a few years ago. He LOVED IT especially because it had a hood. Our daughter recently claimed my current robe therefore I thought I’d get the women’s version of the one I bought him. I am 5’2” 100 lbs. 34” chest. I ordered the small/med thinking it would be a great fit. However, once I tried it on, I did the “movement” test. I lifted my arms out to the side and it pulled from the waist. The lower arm pit seam layed just above my waist! So I adjusted the belt to the higher loop. That made it worse. Because I can sew and have knowledge of making a pattern, I realized that the outside shoulder seam was hanging significantly lower than my other robe. I pinched the fabric inward about 2” around the neckline above the shoulder to “lift” it up and I then could lift my arm. However, this made the arm length shorter which I do not like. I then tried on my husbands robe sized men’s small/medium. I liked how the sleeves were longer ( had to roll it up but that’s no problem for me) and I could lift my arms with no problem. So, I layed out his robe across the bed, then I layed mine on top of his. First off, the women’s robe is longer! The length from the neck to shoulder seam is the same length on both robes. ??? However, I realized that on the men’s robe, the sleeves are sewn straight out. The women’s is sewn on at an angle. BIG DIFFERENCE IN WHY IT FITS THE WAY IT DOES. Like I said before, I LOVE THIS ROBE- the fabric is great! So soft and super comfy. So now, I am not sure if I want to return it for a women’s Med/ Large or order a men’s robe. I could take it apart and re sew it but for the price I feel that I should not have to do any alterations. I keep trying it on to convince myself to keep it but again, for the price, I should love it as it is!

  12. Sara
    Sara says:

    When I first ordered this necklace, I was expecting it to be low quality. However, that was not the case. The necklace was well packaged in a beautiful, white brown ribboned box. There was even a clear protective plastic like wrap around the necklace. This is great because it ensured that the necklace won’t rearrange or even fall out when I opened the box. Additionally, the necklaces’ chain was also made of high quality material.

  13. Neapolis,Ohio
    Neapolis,Ohio says:

    This is soft and beautiful but runs very large. I bought a s/m and with it wrapped around to close properly one of the pockets was centered in the front of me. I am not a petite person but 5’9″ and normally wear a medium in most things. BUT, the major issue with this robe is that it transfers fuzzies/lint on EVERYTHING it touches, either from the inside or outside of it. I am returning it. There was no hassle from Amazon on the return.

  14. Louwho
    Louwho says:

    I absolutely love this book! I think it’s the perfect size novelty gift for sentimental besties. It was so overwhelming at first! There are 50 pages to fill in, some with multiple blanks! I was so overwhelmed I put it back in the envelope it came in and let it sit for 2 days before braving the creative brainstorm. I found that thumbing through and filling in the pages that came to me really fast got my creative juices flowing and then once I got back to the hard to answer questions later, it was a breeze to fill in.My only complaint is pictured well in the #31 & 38 page. The second “they’re” down on the right. No pen would write on that area of the page!! It was so frustrating. I really didn’t want that word to stand out and it absolutely does because I had to go over it so many times to make the ink stick…I don’t think that’s a reflection on the product though. I have this issue in cards and on post it notes. That’s just a common problem, frustrating but it is what it is. This book is well made and sturdy. I’m very impressed considering how cheap it was to purchase.I’d recommend writing out what you want to write for each page before actually writing it in the book. Or maybe write it out lightly in pencil and then trace over in pen. Then erase the pencil later once the ink dries.I read a previous review that said the same thing and I was like pfft, I’ll be fine. No. I made stupid little mistakes writing too fast, skipping a letter in a word and then having to fix it. So it looks like I’m a sloppy writer. I’m a bit of a perfectionist so I’ll be reordering and starting over lol I want this to be perfect. It’s hard to come by great thoughtful gifts like this. I’ll be printing out pics and buying stickers to spice it up a little.

  15. Times Reviewer
    Times Reviewer says:

    First of all, I doubt this was manufactured by Burt’s Bees Company—we ordered from Amazon and the packaging was in french. The towelettes caused skin to peel and burn. The other pieces in the set were not as advertised and produced some adverse reactions.This should be reported to the Cosmetic consumer section of the FDA! DO NOT ORDER THIS.

  16. My Review to You
    My Review to You says:

    This was one of my favourite purchases this Christmas. I bought it as a hostess set for myself, and I am very impressed with the quality and design of this item.First of all, it arrived on time and in perfect condition. Upon opening it, I was amazed at how elegant it looked.The finish of the bamboo wood, the fit of the pieces, the included cheese knife set ; the quality is all top notch.The closed board measures about 15 inches square. When the hidden drawer is opened, its dimensions are approximately 20 inches by 15 inches, so set your service space accordingly.For a quiet couples evening in, it is large enough to hold a bottle of wine, a couple of glasses, cheese, meat and fruit for two.For a larger get together, it can be filled with enough cheeses, fruit, breads, meats and crackers to offer a small crowd.For a larger group, set out two or more of these, and you will find your guests comfortably helping themselves in style.The in-cut valleys that surround the board’s flat serving area will hold enough breads and crackers to ensure you don’t need to constantly check and refill them.The bamboo tray is very fine grained with a very smooth natural finish. It resists oils and stains and cleans easily with a damp cloth. The hidden drawer opens easily on carved rails and grooves, and securely holds the serving utensils, (plus an added surprise not shown in the picture), in their own carved storage pockets. A place for everything, and everything in its place.3 different types of cheese knives and a fork are all included. A cheese spade for hard cheeses ; a sharp bladed cheese knife for cutting hard cheeses ; a spreader knife for soft cheeses ; and a serving fork for medium to hard cheeses and meats. All are made with quality stainless steel tangs and bamboo handles. These can be hand washed and cleaned, but I wouldn’t advise putting them or the board in a dishwasher due to their wood constuction.Spoiler Alert : The added surprise included in the hidden drawer in their own carved storage pocket, is a set of three slate cheese markers and two dry erase chalk marker pens. A wonderful bonus to an already perfect and complete cheese service set.This set is easy to put out for service, easy to clean, and above all, easy to store. Everything you need for a quality cheese or hors d’oeuvres service is here. No going through drawers and cupboards to find the right utensils, markers and board. Set it out with one hand and all the pieces are there to help you entertain your guests.I would recommend this as a great shower, wedding, anniversary, birthday, housewarming, Valentines, Christmas, or anytime gift for the host or hostess.Very pleased and very highly recommended. Bamboo Cheese Board with Cutlery Set, Wood Charcuterie Platter and Serving Meat Board with Slide-Out Drawer with 4 Stainless Steel Knife and Server Set – Personalized Gifts. Designed By: Bambusi

  17. Kimba Jay
    Kimba Jay says:

    The CraveBox is jammed-packed full of a variety of snack-sized products.( Cheez-Its, Granola Bars, Laffy Taffy, Oreo Cookies, and much more! The picture I took does not show everything that was in the box, it just displays what is on the top layer. It contains familiar favorites as well as some you may not have heard of before. There is something in there for just about everyone to enjoy. I am not sure if there is an option to customize the Crave Box. I bought this as a Christmas present for my boyfriend because I thought it would help save him from buying snacks at work, which can add up fast. He has really enjoyed the craved box and after almost a month since, he still has a few more snacks to enjoy. Because of how much he enjoyed the CraveBox, I recently purchase another CraveBox as a get well care package for a family member.

  18. Sylvia
    Sylvia says:

    I Absolutely LOVE this tray. It is adjustable and fits over my tub perfectly. I have used it to hold a book, drink and candle with no worries at all. The “book/tablet” stand is Adjustable so you can change the angle if needed.The tray is bamboo and nicely finished. No rough edges or splinters.I have posted about in on Social Media because I think it is a Terrific product!

  19. DLH
    DLH says:

    At almost 60 years old I got cracked fingers for the first time ever- first one thumb, and about four weeks later the other. I tried everything I could think of- triple antibiotic ointment, tea tree oil, tamanu oil, jojoba oil. Nothing worked. While browsing Amazon one day I ran across this Hand Repair Set from Burt’s Bees. From the very first night I’d applied it my thumbs felt better. Within a couple days the pain was gone, and within a week they were healed completely. I don’t know what’s in this stuff, but I’m a believer: for cracked fingers it’s GREAT!

  20. gina votruba
    gina votruba says:

    I know the gift was nice and fresh and on time unfortunately the seller was not helpful with a very simple task. I have no problem buying again from anyone else willing to comply with a simple direction. There were no gift options and theseller acted like I was wrong for asking to leave out the reciept. Now my mother knows how much I overpaid for her gift. She did love it even though she saw the cost.

  21. Collybarn
    Collybarn says:

    Says its real diamonds, but im not so sure. When they sparkle they have that rainbow and colorful tint, which is common for cubic zirconium, aka fake diamonds. Real diamonds have a pure white sparkle due to how the light refracts through the molecular structure of it. So if your ask me, not real diamonds, hence why its pretty cheap as well. Dont get me wrong, this piece is lovely and its shines like crazy, but i believe the “diamonds” are cubic zirconium.

  22. Cherry
    Cherry says:

    The necklace was the perfect gift. I work as an educator for a cosmetic brand & we use a compass as our symbol for the “journey” we take our sales team & retail partners on when we train.Our coordinator in the office is PRICELESS & keeps us all moving in the right direction. This was a gift for her to say thank you & let her know we’d be lost without her (we edited the card the necklace sits on to read that). The gift bag, etc were the perfect touch. Thank you!

  23. Blah
    Blah says:

    This is beyond a disappointment and a total waste of money for what you get. I’ll never buy this again. For example… a 2 piece starburst candy counts towards this…. I didn’t expect this to be so lame with so many 5-star reviews (these must be false reviews).How can this even be considered legal distribution? On one of the items, it even states, “Not labeled for individual sale.”It’s like going to Target, buying candy in bulk after a holiday, breaking up the bags and selling them for a ton more money. There aren’t even expiration dates on most of these items so who knows how old this food is. One item that we did find an expiration date on, expires in 2 days.Never again. A total waste of money.

  24. Joe0928
    Joe0928 says:

    Works very well as advertised but it has a limited lifespan. Mine lasted 18 months after opening approximately 2 bottles of wine per week. A neighbor is on his 3rd one. I will be ordering another one because the price is right and even if I have to replace it every 18 months I think it is worth it for me.

  25. qsl
    qsl says:

    This looks very pretty, just like the picture. Nice quality, i been having it on for almost three week. Even during shower, it doesn’t go rusty or pieces falling out or some sort.Still shiny and pretty, I think the money is worth it.

  26. Paul-Andre Pelletier
    Paul-Andre Pelletier says:

    Story behind the purchase:I live in Canada and my love lives in Europe. For almost 2 years we talk everyday and we spend time together and we talk about when we can meet each other. I brough her this necklace for her birthday and I am currently wearing it right now. I told her: One day I will be able to give you this compass and it will have my ‘energy’ on it. And so no matter where I am, you will always find me and I will always find you. She loved this so much and she smiled a lot.The necklace:The chain looks a bit weak, but I dont think it would break. I believe that the chain would fit any girl easily (I wear it around my neck and its almost at the limit of lenght) so for a girl I would think it fits pefectly. It is true that the ‘compass’ part of this necklace is rather small, but its not necessarly a bad thing. I like that it looks subtle and so I believe someone could wear with with any kind of dress.I think I read in the Q&A that the compass is double sided but the one I have has the compass on only one side.I think its a perfect gift to give to anyone that you love. The symbol of this necklace is very powerful. When you see pieces like that, it makes you realise you dont have to buy diamonds and expensive gems for a gift. I truly recommend it, you cant go wrong with this.

  27. Katharine Young
    Katharine Young says:

    This juicer works great, but it broke down after just a month of using it. I was looking forward to making fresh juice all summer. If it hadn’t stopped working, I would recommend it to everyone who wants to start juicing daily

  28. JohnsonJ
    JohnsonJ says:

    I ordered these for my 1 year old’s daycare teachers. They are so cute! Good quality. Thick canvas material. Would definitely recommend.

  29. HeatherMarie
    HeatherMarie says:

    I got this bracelet for a friend who was having a tough time. It is great quality and well made. The engraving is well done! Heavier than I thought it would be! Would order again! Thank you!

  30. MrsJenkins523
    MrsJenkins523 says:

    This is a nice bag. Good quality. I’ve gotten lots of compliments on it. I love that I can dump everything in it and go. My only complaint is that the partition in the bottom of the bag, that helps it to hold its shape, never stays in place. So my things end up under the partition (which is usually in an upright position), and the shape becomes warped. Maybe they should consider actually attaching the partition to the bottom of the bag, so that it can’t move. Think I’ll rig something up….Nice bag though!

  31. Vogt Belinda
    Vogt Belinda says:

    The durable acrylic stand is sturdy and held up the gold-dipped real rose I bought my girlfriend with no risk of tumbling over, even when the rose is added on, and remains flat and stable on, and remains flat and stable on whatever flat surface you put it on. While the stand should be handled with care, it does not feel overly fragile. In my opinion, the quality is there.I especially like that the stand is clear, preventing it from detracting from the rose’s beauty. In fact, it adds to the elegance of the rose with its sophisticated design and glass-look finish. My one complaint is that there is a droplet spike on the leaf as it was being hung upside down when drying out. Of course, I believe it is only a few cases as it’s a handmade product.this is just a small mistake and does not take away from how happy I am with my purchase.

  32. Lynda
    Lynda says:

    In the past two years I have lost a son, mother-in-law, and 1 month ago, my husband. This bracelet may not be appropriate for some, but it sums up my life perfectly. Saw it, and had to purchase it. It’s a beautiful piece of jewelry, and you can choose who you show the verse to. Again, Perfect!!

  33. colleen abney
    colleen abney says:

    I looooove this cuff! I am a preschool teacher and I wear it every day. I wash my hands a million times a day. I have had it for over a month. It has not scuffed or scratched. Going to buy some for gifts. The message is truly insperational!

  34. Geoff Jones
    Geoff Jones says:

    Got this as a stocking filler for Christmas for my girlfriend. It is excellent and looks better and larger than on screen. Well made and text is very clear and the smell of the wood is fantastic.

  35. Adwoa A. Adu
    Adwoa A. Adu says:

    This thing is unbelievable, been using everyday when I get home from and it’s been nothing short of Amazing… Love it and will recommend it to anyone..

  36. Alison Greco
    Alison Greco says:

    I received this product as a gift for my bridal shower and it is no lie one of my favorite pieces. I have used it for hosting a few dinner parties and it has been a complete hit. I loved it so much I bought one to gift as a housewarming gift for a friend. The drawer is easy to pull out/access and the cutlery included is such a great touch. Would definitely recommend to someone looking for a nice cheese/charcuterie board.

  37. Nicholas Potts
    Nicholas Potts says:

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  I have been wearing this beanie for about a week now. I wear when I go to classes or on my way to the gym. The sound quality is pretty good, I am not an audiophile. The hat itself is pretty comfortable; however, I wish there was more room to adjust the speakers. I do have a pretty big head lol. Check out the video for a more in depth review!

  38. Joelle Zuehlke
    Joelle Zuehlke says:

    I wanted to love this robe, it’s so comfortable, but it sheds like a German Shepherd. Out of the package it was very linty so I washed and dried it thinking that would fix the problem. This only made matters worse! The lint was just sticky enough not to work with a lint roller. I tried washing and drying it again, no dice. So I tried using my canister vacuum. (This is how much I wanted to keep this robe.) Still, lint-city. So I’m sending it back because I could spend hours picking lint balls off this thing but I just vacuumed my whole house of purple fluff and I don’t feel like putting more work into it.

  39. Pastor's wife
    Pastor's wife says:

    Purchase was for a silent auction at church. It generated a lot of interest with the ladies. Item looks nice and would make a great gift choice for any girl/woman that likes to pamper herself. Added bonus is the gift tote. Wanted it for myself!

  40. Prav
    Prav says:

    The Rose looks awesome. It came with a good packaging and rose was inside a good-looking case. The color of the rose is bright and it looks real with glossy finish. The thorns and stem also look real. The gold plating also looks good and finish is really awesome. I can even see the veins of the leaves. It comes with stand which can hold the rose. It is a perfect gift for beloved ones!!

  41. Andrew Cockburn
    Andrew Cockburn says:

    These look almost identical to the Yankee candles but that is where the similarities end. If you put your nose up against the wax you can smell the scent but once you light the candle you get no scent from it. You would be better off buying just normal candles. I thought they were a waste of money.

  42. Fran
    Fran says:

    The bracelet looks just like the photo. It is a nice width and very well finished – smooth on all edges. The lettering is clear and properly centered. The gift box has a sliding drawer and adds a very nice finishing touch. I bought 2 of these bracelets and will be proud to give them as presents. I would definitely buy more, if the need arises.

  43. jen6470
    jen6470 says:

    Perfect gift for yourself or someone who loves a bath! I use it all the time. My only complaint is the spot for the wine glass requires a very thin base to slid in the slot. My wine glasses are too thick and won’t fit the holder. Other than that very good quality and product overall.

  44. DSB
    DSB says:

    My wife was scheduled for an interview, so I bought her this set. She loves all the pieces. They are lovely and she mixes them around to fit her mood. And yes, she was offered the job, but how much of that was the product we will never know, LOL.

  45. Jen
    Jen says:

    Love it! Juicers are so expensive so I was hesitant to purchase one. Came across this which was a great value and the reviews were awesome so I said, let’s give it a go (plus, Hamilton Beach is a good and trustworthy brand). Very pleased with my purchase! It’s fast, easy to use and clean. Making my celery juicing a breeze! ….sorry for Harry Potter in the photo…my daughter calls my celery juice Polyjuice Potion Lol!

  46. Sean.
    Sean. says:

    Bought as a Xmas present.. Terrible quality would not buy again or recommend, the candles do smell of anything once lit and do not burn evenly or last long , do yourself a favour and buy the real deal.

  47. Myrna Barnes
    Myrna Barnes says:

    I bought this gift as a donation to a charity auction that my friend was in charge basically I bought it sight unseen. Since she lives in another state, I took a chance and when she received it, she said it was big and beautiful. We were both so pleased how nice it was. I now intend to purchase another one next month for another fundraiser. I was hoping to find one with a teal bag, but since there isn’t one, the Lavender is the next best thing.

  48. Diana
    Diana says:

    Really nice gift!! Very lovely assortment of quality products, plus the purple bag is adorable, nice woven material, lined, with round wooden handles. My daughter’s eyes lit up and she smiled all day. Thanks!! I trusted other reviewers, you can trust me. Nice gift.

  49. Aliamaec
    Aliamaec says:

    I’ve been using this juicer everyday for 2 weeks now and it does a great job! Of course it probably doesn’t get as much juice out of the veggies/fruit compared to one of those $300 juicers, but it still works very well. I just purchased a 12×12 cheese cloth bag to put inside the container at the back so that it catches the pulp and I can easily squeeze out any remaining juice. The cleanup is very minimal – all you need is a quick rinse with hot water and the brush that it comes with works great for the piece with the blade. Very easy to put together/take apart in seconds. It is quite loud, but doesn’t seem to bother anybody sleeping in my household! Another plus is that it’s not that big – my Dad was worried that it would take up too much counter space, but hardly takes up more space than a toaster.So far, I’ve juiced celery, carrots, apples and cucumbers. No issues at all. Also, just a tip, you can use the leftover pulp to make some vegetable broth or crackers! I’ve made both and they’re great.

  50. Fawn
    Fawn says:

    My husband is such a foodie-he’s obsessed! He watches cooking shows, loves to cook, grill and just eat! So, for his birthday I thought what better gift? He loved it! We had a whole table of charcuterie and used this to put all our meat and cheeses on–it was so easy to clean afterward and is obviously very durable seeing as it’s made out of bamboo. So, no complaints here! We’ll be using this product a lot in the future!

  51. barrie elsdon
    barrie elsdon says:

    This plaque says all I would want to say to a friend and so much more it gets right to the heart of what you want to say.

  52. jeanette Davis
    jeanette Davis says:

    I liked it until it broke but it cost to much to broke so easy and the sellee suck because they dont stand behind there product

  53. kate
    kate says:

    Abosulty stunning rose perfect for a gift. Comes in a lovely presented box with a gorgeous love heart design on the front and the colouring of the rose was stunning, such a lovley item at a very fair price

  54. T. Prentice
    T. Prentice says:

    I strongly advise NOT to purchase this necklace. Within 6 weeks of wearing the necklace it tarnished and turned an ugly green color. It was a gift to my mom for her birthday. I was completely embarrassed. Do not purchase this for yourself and DEFINITELY NOT for a loved one.

  55. Danielle Rae
    Danielle Rae says:

    It was not worth $50. My Mom received it and she thought I spent $20 bucks, equivalent to the value of the contents inside. I think the rest goes to someone putting it together, so I guess $30 convenience fee?

  56. Kathy Gentry
    Kathy Gentry says:

    Received and immediately started using it. Absolutely loved all the various features. Stored it in the original box (with a handy handles!) on closet shelf. Then life happened and hadn’t used it for a while; no reason just didn’t have the time. Five months later after working in the yard all day, pulled that baby down from the shelf and much to my dismay, it wouldn’t power on. After “fiddling” with it a little, it did start up, but then would stop after 15 seconds. I was distraught. So I immediately contacted Makers Magic and explained what had happened. They responded right away by sending me a totally new unit. Really impressed with this product and the company behind it.

  57. Amazon Customer
    Amazon Customer says:

    You are the best ____ in the worldYou have the best taste in_____You give the best advice about _____I still laugh about the time ____ and _____I am completely jealous of your _____You can cheer me up just by _____You have the funniest _____You _____the best _____ everId be lost without your _____You are crazy talented at _____You have the best _____If you wanted to, you could easily_____I enjoy bragging to other people about your_____You deserve the best _____ awardIf you were a holiday youd be _____I have the best time going to _____ with you_____ always reminds me of youWed make the best _____ teamIt is fantastic how you _____ when you _____Your _____ should be studied by scienceYoure the best at giving _____I love how you _____ everydayIf you were an animal youd be _____You make me want to be a better _____I wish I knew your secret for_____It would be the best to see you ______I love watching people react when you_____Everyone should be as _____ as youYou make the best _____It’s the best to play ____ with youI believe the world needs your unique ____________and _______should play us in a movie about our friendshipYou get my _____ better than anyoneWe should totally _____ somedayYou just keep getting better at _____You deserve the best _____If we could bottle your _____ and sell it, wed make a fortuneIt is supremely funny when you _____I am eternally grateful that you _____You will always be better than me at _____If you were a color youd be _____Somehow I never get bored of you______I cant wait to see what happens when ______I love how you care about ______I love how you don’t care about_____When were old lets _____I always want to hear what youre going to say about ______If you were a junk food item youd be _____Its absolutely the best when you_____I am so _______ that ______

  58. Doreen DeLuca
    Doreen DeLuca says:

    We’ve been married for 11 years. We always leave each other saying, ‘I love you’ and the other will respond, ‘I love you more’. The final answer is always, ‘Most’. This keychain nicely put the exclamation point on it for us. I love it.

  59. Jesse G.
    Jesse G. says:

    I bought a foam roller to be able to rub my own shoulders when I throw my neck out, but I couldn’t get enough pressure in the hard to reach spots. This thing has nice thick straps that fit around your forearms, and you’re able to guide the knobby spinners to that one little spot that you’re dying to lean into with your elbow. The motors are nice and strong, so the knobs spin even when you’re applying pressure, and they don’t sound like they’re straining at all. You can really lean into it and let the knobs get in there.This model has three speeds: Nice, slow, and slower. All great. It will sometimes randomly change the rotation direction on you, and it always does it at the right time.My back has been messed up forever. I can’t seem to get massage people to help me out, or stay the hell away from my legs. My legs are fine, rub my back, my back hurts. Jerks. A friend brought this over and let me use it. As soon as I strapped it on I was hooked. I let my roommate try it a few days later, and she ordered it as well. It will get some interesting noises out of you, and you’ll be sore for a day or two. It’s the greatest. 10/10 will recommend to anyone who will listen.

  60. Peter B.
    Peter B. says:

    Ok this is funny. So I bought this “rose gold” and silver bracelet for my wife. I didn’t really pay attention to what it looked like when it came. I wrapped it and gave as a gift. She opened it and it the rose gold had rust on it. I cleaned the rust off with a jewelry cleaning cloth. And it rubbed the rust off AND THE ROSE GOLD. LMAO! What a piece of trash.

  61. Krish Patel
    Krish Patel says:

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  Its is very beautiful. I felt the shine on opening the box. I brought it for my mom. The build quality is so awesome. I loved the diamond which is at the centre. There are no scratch too. I am planning to give this on my mom’s birthday. The color is very impressive. It looks better than the pics which are shown for this product. I am really impressed by this product.

  62. Jesse + Casie B.
    Jesse + Casie B. says:

    Product received today, overall I was fairly impressed as I was planning on ordering the more well known one branded Cozy, however it appears to be almost the exact same item for approx $10 less. It’s very soft inside and feels to be fairly good quality, and it is quite a bit thicker/heavier than I expected. The only downside is that although it is very wide, I wish it were a bit longer. I’m 5’6 and it falls just above my knees so if I want more coverage I have to tuck my knees up inside it.

  63. Kimmie van T
    Kimmie van T says:

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  This Angelady 14K Gold Plated Forever and Ever Bracelet is Gorgeous! It shines nicely and sparkles bright. The safety clasp is easy to open and close and is very secure. This bracelet can be worn as casual every day or dress up. This bracelet will make a perfect gift!

  64. Roberto R.
    Roberto R. says:

    After 2 weeks of use my girlfriend send this pictures to me, I feel so bad because I give her this necklace as a gift and I know it will not be the finest necklace, how ever I certainly hope that It will last longer than 2 weeks, nothing on this necklace worth the shame.I’ve learn my lesson… never buy jewelry online!

  65. Pasquale M.
    Pasquale M. says:

    I got this for my girlfriend for our one year anniversary! The key chain and engraving are very nice and have a great quality to them! I really like how the keychain has a nice significant weight to it— not too little, and not cumbersome by any means either. That kind of weight is perfect for a little reminder to whoever you’re gifting this to that you love them always, even if you’re apart for a bit in your busy lives. It’s exactly that kind of message that I’m hoping to get across to my girlfriend. I’m grateful such a good product exists!Oh, and it seems like every so often people can try their luck and they might get a coupon for a free keychain in their order! I got one, will you?

  66. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    Really pretty, quirky gift for my mum who is an avid tea drinker! Came well packaged and in a nice box and the cup itself is really pretty! It has a nice weight to it aswell, she was very pleased with it

  67. SharkBytes
    SharkBytes says:

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  Very nice little machine that works. It does help with neck pain. At least, for me it is. I start to use it every night now for my neck. My wife uses some times and she likes it too. I can totally see me buying this for my parents when theb oliday comes. It is a great gift actually. I hope other feel the same way too. Great product!

  68. jordon
    jordon says:

    The name doesn’t lie, it’s comfy… Like maybe a little too comfy. Since acquiring my Comfy I have lost my job, house, and wife… It was just so comfy that once I put it on, it hasn’t come off and I haven’t come off the couch. I highly recommend this to everyone, “if you ain’t living in comfort you ain’t really living at all” Jay-Z once said that and it’s true

  69. Amazon Customer
    Amazon Customer says:

    Purchased this for my girlfriend for our 5 year anniversary. Each year gets harder trying to keep that engagement ring at bay. Deffiantly bought myself some time she was over the moon with this. Photo attached

  70. Dan Blas
    Dan Blas says:

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  Loving the feel of this oversized sweatshirt. With its reversible fleece you’ll be comforted all day now that it is winter time.I love using this on weekends when i go around my house and need to check the mail outside or just dump something out that i am comforted and sure will not catch any coldness.It is a one size fits all, i am contemplating if taking another one for my friend who will need this, as she lives in the coldest part of their house.If i need to pick up something quickly in the grocery i need not to change, it is fashionable and does not look like you are in your sleep wear.Best of all it is easy to wash!

  71. Satisfied Customer
    Satisfied Customer says:

    I bought two bag for. gifts after reading the reviews. I’m really surprised at all the five star reviews. I don’t think this bag is worth $20. It is cute to look at but not very sturdy. It seems a little thicker than cardboard. A little on the cheap looking side. I would not put anything too heavy in it. Maybe a bag lunch. A scarf and gloves. I May send them back. Cute but flimsy for $20 each.

  72. CanadianDad85
    CanadianDad85 says:

    Bought this for my wife who is always freezing cold when we watch movies on the couch for a joke really but she ended up just loving this thing . Basically replaces needing a blanket and is way softer than one . It keeps her toasty and I hear less complaining that I should turn the heat up a little . Winning

  73. Amit Sood
    Amit Sood says:

    Good product for the price. we ordered this as a return gift for my daughters birthday party and the kids were really happy with this and was also a different and unique gift.

  74. Emily Yeoman
    Emily Yeoman says:

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  For my back this is the best ever investment I’ve made. Just makes my back melt, feels so good. It’s not for everyone though, my mom says it hurts her in certain parts of her back, but for me it is perfect! ❤️❤️

  75. mp
    mp says:

    Got it as a gift for my girlfriend’s birthday. Since she’s a nurse, I thought it would be funny and cute. Took me quite a while to write my messages and roll back the tiny papers but it was all worth it in the end. She loved it :)

  76. SnarkyTexan
    SnarkyTexan says:

    My fiancée had gifted this to me for Christmas. I was excited as the color and setting is beautiful. I noticed the metal looked cheap. I didn’t see 925 or any karat notes for the quality of the metal. So I checked the post on Amazon before I decided to wear the item 24/7 as I do with gifts from my SO. I was surprised to find that the necklace has a description of “white gold plated” but further down in the details it says brass plated rhodium. No. This is not worth $50! My poor fiancée, who is not very technologically inclined, got duped into purchasing a $10 item for 5x its value! I returned the item immediately before it started turning colors and showed its true value.Shame on you seller, for your wording. Be honest about what you’re selling. Karma will get you eventually.

  77. Blair :)
    Blair :) says:

    Bought this for an extra little christmas gift for my mum as she loves having candles dotted around the house. They are Snell amazing and the little pots they come in gove them a nice modern touch.I would definitely reccomend buying these as a quick, little present for a mum, gran, sister or girlfriend.

  78. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    For Christmas I bought for my mom, sister and myself. It’s going on 6 years my grandmother passed away. Everyone was happy with it and very touched. I saw other forms of the necklace but I liked the circles as I like the thought of circles of life. Very nice and dainty.

  79. Kirstie McCrory
    Kirstie McCrory says:

    Packaging is fabulous, nice to open, thoughtful extras like little hearts, a coaster and a glass cleaning cloth.This would make a really nice gift.I’m not sure if I was too keen on the product itself.I hadn’t realised the metal was a gold colour. I would prefer a pewter colour with darker flowers, I think is a bit more garish than I was expecting.It’s still really lovely though.I would buy again as a gift.

  80. Mary E. Savage
    Mary E. Savage says:

    Two part review: part 1- The first cube did not work so we exchanged it for a new one. The exchange was painless and we had a new cube the very next day. Part 2 – The second cube turned on right away and the colors are bright and vibrant. My sone really likes it and uses it everyday.

  81. JG526
    JG526 says:

    Every few years, I like to purchase some sort of necklace with a heart pendant for my wife in the $200 to $300 dollar range. I had never purchased any jewelry online, but decided to give it a chance since the product is backed by Amazon. I will admit, I was nervous making the purchase based upon a photograph of the item.I am happy to report that this heart pendant necklace is exactly the same as it was in the advertising picture. It does really shine and definitely draws your eyes to the pendant, which is what it should do in my opinion. Also, it does not look like some cheap jewelry you may find at a big box chain store. The box that the necklace came in is simple and attractive. My wife was very happy when she opened the box and saw the heart pendant!The ONE issue my wife has is that the chain is not long enough. The pendant tends to get caught on her shirt neck. It really needs to be an inch or two longer in her opinion. Furthermore on the chain, it is nothing special and we will either buy a new chain or find an extender for the clasp area. This purchase is all about the pendant in my opinion.Hope this helps.

  82. Carson S
    Carson S says:

    Bought this for my wife for Valentines this year and she loves it.Its really quite nice and shimmery and looks way better than other jewelry at this price point. You can get those low grade cut diamonds for this amount of money but they will not look as nice as this.

  83. US-Gaming reviews
    US-Gaming reviews says:

    So this completely surpassed my expectations. I was completely surprised that this came in a quality box inside a cardboard protective box the description said that it would come in a soft package. I was completely surprised again at the overall quality and workmanship off this piece. This is comprable two other jewelry which I have spent hundreds of dollars on. It looks just as good if not better than some of those.

  84. Haley Rioux
    Haley Rioux says:

    This is a very cute product. It takes quite a bit of time to make all the little notes inside. I found the easiest way was to pop open every pill capsule and discard the tops and bottoms in a container and then drop the little rings around the notes in a seperate container and then finally put all the paper in another container and then just write all your little notes and drop them in a final container and then once you’re done writing all your notes just assemble everything back together.

  85. Lisa D
    Lisa D says:

    I received this bracelet through the Amazon Vine program and I purchased it for myself. But to be honest, I think I’m going to give it to my daughter because of the inscription inside. This is a cuff bracelet and you can adjust it to fit any wrist. I have skinny wrists and this fits me nice. The ends ( where the cuff stops ) doesn’t dig into my skin. It doesn’t move around a lot either. It’s extremely durable. I’m very happy with my purchase.

  86. ChibiNeko
    ChibiNeko says:

    I have to say that I’ve liked these for a while, but there’s just something about these that really appeals to me. I’m pretty sure that it’s the fact you have a small hidden message inside the bracelet that’s just for you. I had one from another company, so I wanted to try the one from this company to see how it compares.The metal here bends easily enough so that it can fit a variety of sizes. It’s not something that I’d wear constantly, but this feels comfortable enough for me to wear on an evening out. It seems like it would be fairly sturdy in the long run when it comes to bending it to get it on and off a larger wrist as well.The packaging is OK, however I would take this out of the plastic wrapping inside of the box if you’re giving this as a gift.All in all this is a pretty decent bracelet. I love the little message inside of it, as this is probably its main selling point – a nice message for yourself or for your loved ones.

  87. StoneHenge
    StoneHenge says:

    For the look and the price this is a very lovely bangle and would likely make many pre-teen, teen, and young adults happy to receive it as a gift. And at twelve bucks it’s very reasonably priced.The engraved words and hearts on this are more of a gray/brown color rather than the black it looks like in the photo. The font was interesting, but not as lovely as the cursive of others of this type.I was able to resize this, but it did take some force. That can be good and bad depending on your needs. I liked that it would catch on something and automatically be pulled out of shape, but for people that want to loosen it to get it on, the tighten it to a certain degree this is probably not going to work as well as you’d like.Because of the shape these type of bracelets tend to turn on me. With this one it wasn’t nearly the problem as others I’ve tried. The edges, even the ends were all nicely smoothed and caused no irritations.Overall, this would make a nice gift for anyone who likes these types of bracelets. They look good with more than one together as well, so you can mix and match your messages for yourself or your giftee. Though if it’s for something really special you’ll want to rebox it. The presentation here isn’t that great. It’s all thin cardboard, and the purple inside the green looks like someone was going for Marti Gra colors.4 stars Recommended

  88. CocoLoco
    CocoLoco says:

    I really like this bracelet. It’s cute and the message it funny and I like that it’s hidden when you are wearing it. It’s like a little secret message to yourself. The materials seem to be high quality, the metal is firm and nice looking. This doesn’t bend like cheap, thin, pot-metal jewelry but it can fit a wide range of wrists from thin to thick. The engraving is very clear and easy to read and the metal has a nice brushed steel finish. This would make a great gift for a friend.

  89. Brandy M
    Brandy M says:

    I love this brand as simple, meaningful and affordable gifts. I love this for teens and tweens – they have great sayings, and are meaningful. I also got one for a really good friend that has more of an adult saying. They are sturdy and yet can be sized and molded as needed, but won’t just bend and be ruined in a short amount of time. Overall I would give these a 5 star rating. The inscription is also well written and crystal clear. Cute, giftable packaging. Well done!

  90. Rennie123
    Rennie123 says:

    Plenty of space and snuggle for a UK size14, just about long enough to wear with only underwear underneath on 5ft6in. Really soft and comfortable to wear lounging around at home (a lot of that going on at the moment!) but it is very very warm, looking forward to snuggling more in colder weather. Much more comfortable and easy than a dressing gown or using blankets. Pretty colour dusky pink too.

  91. Amazon Customer
    Amazon Customer says:

    Bought this necklace as a gift for my best friend who lives on the West Coast of Scotland. The 2 things I was disappointed with was that I had to put the chain on the card myself. And the last and main thing was the foul smell of fish that I got when I opened this. So before I send it to where it needs to go I have to air it out! In future think there needs to be odour control with it!

  92. Allie Bohossian
    Allie Bohossian says:

    It’s not as bright as an ordinary bedroom lamp, but it small, cute and interesting. This was bought as a replacement lamp for a nightstand. My hubby has to use a cpap machine at night which takes up a lot of space on his nightstand. It’s not bright enough to read a book by even on its highest level. The color changing mode is nice to have at night but it needs to be charged a couple times a week. At first I was a bit disappointed, but with the added time, radio and alarm features, it was worth the money. It could be brighter though and the battery could last a bit longer.

  93. Kris
    Kris says:

    My son wanted a HUGE SOFT PINK HOODIE! He got this as one of his prezzies for his 13th birthday & hasn’t stopped wearing it!A-OK 👌Washes well. Hasn’t shrunk even in the drier.Awesome gift for the snuggly peeps in your life 💞

  94. Catherine Taylor
    Catherine Taylor says:

    These KINGPiiN women’s inspirational cuff bracelets are touching loved ones with words. During this Covid-19 it’s important to send a message to your loved ones of how much you appreciate them in your life even though you’re forced apart by a Pandemic. This bracelets message is: “If God brings you to it … He will bring you through it”. Come on, how touching is that? Hits straight at your heart. These are adorable meaningful cuff bracelets. They’re very well made on both sides. Silver in color with arrows at both ends. The written message is on the inside and nicely done. Nice for gifts or inspiring words to yourself considering this difficult time. Bravo!

  95. Trevor Lauffenberger
    Trevor Lauffenberger says:

    What an amazing product holy smokes this thing is softer than an angels fart. I got this for my wife because she likes to stay cozy she’s all about that cozy life. She absolutely loves it after she wrangled it away from me because I had to try it on and I fell in love with it so now I’m buying my own.. I ain’t even mad.

  96. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    This is beautiful . My partners ordered this for me as a surprise (we share an account and I don’t generally check order history) when this came it was in a lovely box with a pressed flower on the front. The bookmark itself is beautiful I love the flowers used in your products and how dainty it looks yet my toddler has managed to grab it a few times and it’s not broken. Very happy with this product

  97. J. Salzenstein
    J. Salzenstein says:

    The quality of this bracelet overall is excellent – the metal is super strong, the shine isn’t overbearing (so it doesn’t look cheap), and engraving and paint seems really well done. Unfortunately, the edges of the metal, while they aren’t “sharp,” are VERY rough, because they’re cut at 90-degree angles, which makes wearing the bracelet a bit uncomfortable. I can wear it out if I know I’ll be mostly standing, but I can’t wear it to work (it does NOT work with typing), or even if I’m sitting with my arms resting for very long. It’s too bad because otherwise the bracelet is awesome!

  98. Sarah Eschle
    Sarah Eschle says:

    The necklace itself is lovely, small but in a delicate way, and I thought very reasonable for the price.however… the gift bag it comes with stinks like fish ?!? in the end I had to remove it from the bag and gift it just on the card – I had packaged two up (I bought 3 for my 3 best friends) to be posted and could still smell fish through the envelope, despite also spraying with perfume! Please look into this issue Philip Jones as it is really pretty off putting.

  99. M.D. Edwards
    M.D. Edwards says:

    For something subtle, with a hidden message (with a little edge, if you want, or just a loving message to remind the recipient of all that’s great about them to you), these cuffs are a really nice little gift. They’re a little sharp on the edges, but not enough to cut the skin, just a little sharp when putting on and removing. That can probably be smoothed out with an empty board or nail file block, so it’s easy enough to take care of.I picked up quite a variety of these, for friends, my mom, myself, and any of my students that just need a little reminder of the joy and awesomeness that they bring to the world. The scripts that the messages are etched in are pretty easy to read, and so far, I have yet to see a font used that I don’t like. The small designs at the ends of the cuffs are nice, too, especially if you or the wearer choose to wear multiples at a time. They’re comfortable enough to do so, and they stack nicely. The gift box the cuff arrives in is simple, but gift-able once you remove the cuff from the protective plastic pouch it’s inside of within the box. It’s not fine jewelry, so the packaging is appropriate for the product.These are a great unisex gift that goes beyond the uplifting magnets that I bought for my classroom board last year (I spent sixty bucks on ’em, I found so many that were meaningful rather than pithy). I gave my mom hers just this evening, and I could tell that she was touched by the message that rests against her skin when she wears it. I’ve got two for my Bestie that I can’t wait to give her, another one for my other Bestie (my ride or die, as it accurately says), and another two for those students that stand out, and need a subtle, daily reminder that they are loved, and they are seen for the wonderful young beings that they are (SO many of our kids need those reminders these days, especially the ones that act out – they’re often the ones getting the least love and positive recognition).I think these are my new favorite meaningful little gifts, and they’re even better when gifted for no particular reason than as a reminder to the recipients that you “see” them.Everyone can always use a little of that!

  100. D. Hinz
    D. Hinz says:

    I bought the silver, because the didn’t have the gold. Arrive on time, packaging nice, presentation good. My wife liked it, but I was disappointed about the inscription. The pictures give you a false impression others can read it, but not unless you have the same vision ability the camera had. She’s keeping it…

  101. Alexa
    Alexa says:

    Product is cute and smells nice but package arrived very late and was damaged. Wax had melted and ruined the cute labels which is the whole part of the gift. Disappointed

  102. Jessie Scruggs
    Jessie Scruggs says:

    Great. Might buy another.Saw a review about bad projection and only good as a night light. I think they failed to read directions. Cover on = night light. Cover off = projection.

  103. danielle callow
    danielle callow says:

    Omg I love it, i was a bit cautious in buying it with me being a big girl but it covers everything to my knees and still have room to move, so warm and comfortable intend to buy some more

  104. Amazon Customer
    Amazon Customer says:

    The gold red rose was very nice. My wife loved it for our anniversary. There was a little brochure with the gold red rose explaining the meaning of what gold means and the interpretation or meaning of the red rose. Very nice stand and the box it comes in was very nice too, great for storing the gold rose in so it does not get damaged by accident.

  105. John Hancock
    John Hancock says:

    Loved the way the light made it sparkle and it looked great around her neck. I know it would be more expensive, but I wish it had real diamonds on it.

  106. Amazon Customer
    Amazon Customer says:

    I can’t brag enough about this product. Not only was the necklace beautiful it came with so many little things. The bag to put in. Wipe cloth. A card to write in. I cannot wait to see my friends face on Sunday. She is going to absolutely love it. With all this going put in quarantine and watching her through the door I just it will bring an enmourous smile on her face. THANK YOU ❤

  107. B. Roscoe
    B. Roscoe says:

    This makes for a simple but cute gift! To make it meaningful, though, the expression engraved needs to resonate. Otherwise it isn’t terribly useful – so choose accordingly as there are many expressions available from which to choose.The fit is good; it slides on easily, but it is adjustable to whatever is most comfortable. It is decent quality, but probably won’t withstand too much abuse (as is typical of most jewelry). It is suitable for anyone, but young girls or teens might enjoy this most of all.The gift box is a nice addition. It constructed of simple cardboard but facilitates gifting.This bracelet had a blemish, two slightly pitted spots. It won’t stand to scrutiny, but again, it would probably be great for a teen or pre-teen, particularly if the expression has personal meaning.

  108. B. Roscoe
    B. Roscoe says:

    This makes for a simple but cute gift! To make it meaningful, though, the expression engraved needs to resonate. Otherwise it isn’t terribly useful – so choose accordingly as there are many expressions available from which to choose.The fit is good; it slides on easily, but it is adjustable to whatever is most comfortable. It is decent quality, but probably won’t withstand too much abuse (as is typical of most jewelry). It is suitable for anyone, but young girls or teens might enjoy this most of all.The gift box is a nice addition. It constructed of simple cardboard but facilitates gifting.

  109. Scott
    Scott says:

    broke the first week i bought it. and it’s next to impossible to get a chain for it since normal sized chains don’t fit through the hole

  110. Laura
    Laura says:

    Very nice bamboo board with drawer that holds the cheese utensils, as well as the chalk labels and markers. Easy clean up and comes in a nice pouch for storage and travel. It holds enough for 4-6 people. Honestly, my favourite item in our picnic/travel bag.It would make a great gift.

  111. TM
    TM says:

    A not very spectacular piece of jewelry. It shines through its simplicity. Stainless steel is the material of understated toughness. Gold is soft, silver always second, steel rusty. There is Titanium, but stainless steel gets the job done.We received this piece for free in exchange for a fair review. It’s a thoughtful gift. The handwritten appearance of the typeface supports the mindful message theme that goes through all of Kingpins’s products. Why it’s engraved on the inside where nobody can see it? I don’t know. Must be some women’s BFF thing. I know guys that have ‘badass’ written all over the back of their truck ;)Five stars for something that can be very meaningful when gifted in the right moment. I hope this helps to make a decision.

  112. Svetlana Knorr
    Svetlana Knorr says:

    I have read a lot of reviews about it before purchasing it; however it looked pretty cheap being made from plastic. So unfortunately I had to return it..

  113. Rein
    Rein says:

    I bought this for my daughters 21st birthday, it was as described. It came in a very delicate beautiful box, with a small gift bag, a birthday card and a package cloth to clean the jewelry. We received it in two day. She loved it!!

  114. sharon dyer
    sharon dyer says:

    Wow. This is so beautiful, all the extras you get too with it I did not expect, It comes with a little gift bag with lovely words written on it, a silver cleaning cloth, a card with envelope and a lovely pouch to place it in. The necklace is beautiful, the photographs don’t do it justice. Cant wait till my brother gives it to his daughter she will love it. I ordered late but the seller got it to me quickly and days before I needed it. Nothing but positives to sat about this order and the experience. I will be recommending to friends and family. Thanks to the seller!

  115. Michael Butler
    Michael Butler says:

    Arrived in perfect condition. Chain broke after 2 weeks of my wife wearing it. I bought it for the pendant though and had a back up chain so no big deal.

  116. Darren McDowell
    Darren McDowell says:

    Absolute rubbish, this is how my hoodie blanket arrived. When I contacted the company I was told I would have to pay return postage. Disgusting attitudes to customers! They are a very cheap version of the real oodie, Poor quality is an understatement.

  117. Melodie
    Melodie says:

    I love this sturdy, shiny cuff bracelet and it fit me well. It is well made with no rough areas, well defined lettering, and nice polish finish. You can adjust the size by applying pressure if needed. There are so many sayings, some encouraging, inspiring, and some naughty in a fun way. The bracelet comes in a giftable box, but good luck giving it away. But at this price you can buy one for yourself and one to gift.Recommend

  118. Mac
    Mac says:

    Bought as a thank you present for an avid book reader. This is an unusual gift that can say lots of things whether for birthday, christmas, thank you or just because. I bought the silver version with pink glass beads. The feather is ‘pressed’ and is very tactile. The 3D butterfly is elegant and dainty and the pendant contains pretty tiny beads with a tiny dried flower. Definitely not something you would treat roughly but pretty and useful.

  119. Nikki
    Nikki says:

    I brought this as a gift I was so disappointed the candle is very small also the candle wax or whatever leaked and was all over the message part on the outside of the candle smh I was embarrassed to give this as a gift ugh… mad

  120. Amazon Customer
    Amazon Customer says:

    The crystals add charm to the bracelet. Bracelet was purchased as part of a birthday gift for my 92 year oldmother in law. She loved it, put it on and still has not taken it off. We were so happy that it arrived on time andlooked pretty and unique.

  121. TheM’s
    TheM’s says:

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  I had no idea how much my husband would love this and what it would mean to him but he absolutely loved it. So much so that he bought one and is working on it for me and I bought one for my eldest child’s dad for a pick me up too. It looks like it will be hard to come up with 100 different things (which is how many I ended up getting- I counted) but it’s really not! Once you start, things start flying out! On my ex-husband’s bottle, all of us were quickly coming up with more and more things (I was the writer) and I couldn’t keep up, haha. I put each child’s name or my or my husband’s name beside the compliment or memory so it was extra special because it was from everyone. It may take a couple hours but it is soooo worth it. And this is coming from someone with 3 kids. Time is a luxury for me. This is one of the best gifts you can give. And the little gold scroll things are the most amazing touch.Anyway, it’s a bit more detailed in my video but I just had to share. Don’t waste your money on some expensive impersonal gift. Buy this- you won’t regret it and you will make someone smile so big which we all could use right now.

  122. 4 Lil Lambs
    4 Lil Lambs says:

    Biggest Daughter’s Thoughts:I love the quote, but I’ve never been a huge fan of bracelets, especially not cuff bracelets. However, this one had the promise of being adjustable, and so I was hoping to use it as an upper arm cuff, as I do like the look of those, and having a hidden quote at my side felt like it’d be great life motivation.It’s … not very adjustable. It’s made of a very thick, stiff metal, and I was only able to make the very barest change to the shape. I couldn’t stretch it enough to fit my upper arm. Having it on my wrist didn’t work, either, as I couldn’t squeeze it down small enough to stay on – and if I did, I wouldn’t have been able get it on.But if you’re a fan of cuff bracelets, have a bit more hand strength than I do/aren’t as afraid of snapping the metal, and like the quote, maybe you’ll like it more than I do? It is a really fun quote, and it is pretty motivational.

  123. Gabriela
    Gabriela says:

    Wow, wow and WOW… Stunning Swarovski earrings, beautiful craftmanship, and so light to wear.These unique earrings spoke to me the minute I saw them, from the color, (midnight ) to where it originated.. Amazingly mystical in everyway!.. And to be honest, I felt selfish in getting a pair just for me… , so I got 2 more, one for my Mother and my sister. The shape of the earrings as a triangle representing Trinity, was perfect, (Mother, sister and me)… LOVE IT!.. Hurry and get yours, before they are all gone.. you won’t be disappointed.. Congratulations to the designer…Blessings and continue the great work you do. Sincerely Gabriela.

  124. NayNay Roth
    NayNay Roth says:

    I have a dear friend who has overcome unbelievable challenges in the past few years. I wanted them to know how much they have inspired me. This bracelet conveyed the message in three words, and in doing so brought a HUGE smile to my friend’s face. The bangle is heavy gauge and durable. It can be adjusted to fit. You won’t just be giving a gift, you will be giving a SMILE!

  125. Laurie
    Laurie says:

    I can’t say enough about how pretty this is! The quality is excellent, only complaint is the clasp is tiny. Bought this for my mom and she loves it! The gift box was very nice and the little card was a real bonus.

  126. Shannon Purvis
    Shannon Purvis says:

    Honestly if I could give it zero stars and just leave a review I would! 100% is not worth the money $50 just so everything can be covered with the candy scrub and the bath salts be a rock because they were exposed to the scrub . I think not !!

  127. Phebe J. Muckey
    Phebe J. Muckey says:

    Item came disassembled not a huge deal but I was expecting it to be ready to hang on my keys. I’m a fan of llamas so no complaints about the design it’s cute and feels well made. Doesn’t fee cheap or flimsy. I have had it on my keys for a month or so and it’s still just as bright and beautiful as the day I received it.

  128. Taxlady
    Taxlady says:

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  I like that this works for a speaker and a night light. It gives off a nice soft glow. You can change colors. It comes with a remote so you don’t have to be close to change it. It is easy to pair to my phone, I have a Galaxy s10 plus.Very good sound quality.

  129. C H
    C H says:

    Card arrived in plastic bag packaging without any support to stop it from bending in the post ie a piece of harder card for stability. Needless to say it arrived bent up at one end. Quality of card not what I thought it would be either

  130. Munden
    Munden says:

    Stem is a wooden dowel. Green petals are a plastic sheet printed with veins. Rose petals might be real.Not dipped in gold – it’s aluminum foil electroplated in a few microns of gold, coated in plasticWorst 5 star lie on Amazon.

  131. Bowie in my DNA
    Bowie in my DNA says:

    I like the simplicity of the design. There are many inspiring, traditional sayings, but it’s the unique ones that get the A+ from me. Those are my favorites, since I’m trying to clean up my language and all.At any rate, I ordered a few because it looked like they would stack well, and they do, especially if you leave one sorta tight, and adjust one or two more and let them slightly overlap like bangles.I have no trouble with the edges. They are not sharper than any other bendable bracelet I’ve worn.I think these will make great casual gifts for your cool friends or coworkers. And you can always go with the tried and true inspirational quotes for your compadres that might not appreciate the humor of the others. I liked almost all of the available “secret messages” on the inside of the bracelet, especially the encouraging ones. These are tough times.And it’s a fun way to spread a tiny bit of joy.

  132. JKT
    JKT says:

    Cute religious inspirational bracelet. The outside does not show any words, you can see two small arrows at the opening of the two sides. The inside is where the saying is written.A cute gift for a friend or daughter maybe.The bracelet is super sturdy, but also adjustable. You can pinch it tighter for a smaller wrist, or pull it wider to get it on and off.I see this appealing to teens and tweens especially well, but this is fine for anyone of any age really.

  133. Guly
    Guly says:

    Really happy with this product..! Place the jade roller in the freezer before using and it feels lovely on the skin..! Already noticing a difference after a few uses..! My gua sha broke and the seller was very accommodating in replacing a completely new pack including both the gua sha and jade roller..! Quick response and excellent customer service..! Will definitely buy again in the near future..! Highly recommend (=

  134. Angela Courts
    Angela Courts says:

    Love the clever slogan. But candle is TINY. I should have known better. The lavender scent is so Strong, it’s almost overpowering. She said she’s will just keep it with the lid on. So more like eye candy. Kudos on the slogan though. That’s the only reason I didn’t send back.

  135. Breanna
    Breanna says:

    These are super cute gif-table item. I would like to say the etching in the keychain that says player1/2 is very light and looks like the color could rub off any moment so I don’t think these are very durable. But it’s still a great gift idea!

  136. Amazon Customer
    Amazon Customer says:

    I ordered 2 of these lovely looking bottles for my friends , only to revive them and having to fight with the box to get into them that annoyed me to start with , then when batteries where put into them (as they don’t come with battery’s ) they didn’t work , even went to shop for new pack and still didn’t work , very disappointed I would not recommend

  137. Flood
    Flood says:

    UPDATE #3Seller sent me a new bracelet, I shipped the original bracelet that broke back with free shipping.UPDATE #2I contacted the seller and I was shipped another bracelet in a matter of days. I’m directed to send back the first one I bought that broke back with no further charges.🙂 I highly recommend this product and seller!Update…The end of the bracelet that prevents it from sliding through the locking mechanism broke off which allows the bracket to become longer therefore the bracelet fell off my wrist. I found it in my closet but I am now scared to wear it in fear will fall off again.I haven’t tried to return it, I assume it’s too late but I am going to check their policy.I love this bracelet and here’s why…It is shinny, looks real and not cheap.It’s very durable, I’ve worn it non stop for almost 2 weeks with no problems, I’ve been doing home improvement and yard work.I haven’t seen a clasp like this bracelet has, it’s so much easier to use than other clasps and it works!

  138. Stephanie
    Stephanie says:

    Bought this for my son’s birthday…OctoberHe likes itHolds hot and cold drinks wellEasy to holdDoesn’t leakEasy to clean

  139. Amazon Customer
    Amazon Customer says:

    Je l’adore et je m’en sers à tous les jours. Il est toujours aussi beau après 1 an. J’aime beaucoup lire lorsque je suis dans mon bain et le support pour Ipad est parfait. Les caoutchoucs dessous permet de bien s’agripper au bain pour que le plateau reste bien en place.Je le recommande sans faute.

  140. julie a morris
    julie a morris says:

    Bought this as a gift for my boyfriend he got player one because he’s my number one he liked it put it right on his keychain

  141. jess_girl
    jess_girl says:

    My husband bought this for me as a gift and I love it. It is on the small side but perfect for sitting on the couch and enjoying my coffee!

  142. Bethany
    Bethany says:

    I bought the jade roller set and have been using them for the past week now, and within that short time alone have already noticed a difference in my skin. It looks plumper, fuller and it’s even been helping with my fine lines and double chin! The set is perfect as it is, but I love to pop it in the freezer to give it that extra something, and honestly rolling it first thing in the morning over my skin is wonderful and really helps to wake me up and get my skin alive with me. Would definitely recommend!!

  143. Bethany Foulds
    Bethany Foulds says:

    Bought this for my daughter’s birthday. She absolutely loves it, and when she wakes up during the night, she will turn it back on and go back to sleep on her own. Unfortunately, her birthday was mid-September, and less than 2 months later the red light has stopped working, and last night it stopped revolving. Very disappointed it lasted less than 2 months.

  144. Kindle Customer
    Kindle Customer says:

    I have an adult The Comfy and the picture is of the child’s knockoff over mine so you can see the difference. This is cheap material. The lining is not Sherpa. There is no logo on the pocket and there is no manufacturer tag on the inside. From the Amazon listing, I clicked on theComfy Store at the top and chose the colour from there and then ordered. The seller on my listing now shows as a Chinese company and was shipped from China. DO NOT BUY it is a cheap knockoff and a total waste of money. This child’s hoodie is NOT the comfy.

  145. Rosie Evans
    Rosie Evans says:

    This really is a beautiful item, it’s of high quality and weighty.I’ve bought as a gift for someone – partially for the purpose this is quirky & ‘handmade’ as they state. This is not handmade!

  146. mary hill
    mary hill says:

    Beautiful. I lost my other one I’ve had for years and had to replace it. This was a great choice. The chain is thin but I’ll replace it if needed.

  147. monica
    monica says:

    I received a fake comfy. This was supposed to be a Christmas gift for my brother. Firstly, there is no logo, the quality is poor and the pocket is sewn off centered and very crooked. Also, I ordered a burgundy comfy and I received a bright red one inaccurate to the colour in the picture. For the price, you would expect to get a decent product but this was very subpar. I am very disappointed with the lack of transparency and this is just unacceptable. Save your money and don’t risk it with this product.

  148. Roo
    Roo says:

    Lovely product, but such a shame the grammar is incorrect. I’m too embarrassed to give this as a gift, it says ‘decades’ instead of ‘decade’ and ‘a gems’ instead of ‘a gem’. Minor point but it totally spoils the sentiment behind the gift. I either need to reprint the card, or take the necklace off the card, either way it cheapens the look.

  149. jenna
    jenna says:

    What a beautiful little keyring inscribed with words to touch the heart. Very very lovely item to have as a keepsake with inspirational words. Absolutely delighted with this.

  150. Adele Overton
    Adele Overton says:

    Good quality and excellent packaging. Very surprised that the quality of the product lived up to the online illustration. Prompt delivery.

  151. Stan
    Stan says:

    I bought this as a belated Anniversary Gift for my Girlfriend. She really likes it and has decided to use it as an ornament rather than a bookmark.These are far too delicate to be used as bookmarks in my opinion. The bauble that contains the flower is made of a thin glass and should be handled with care. Many buyers stated theirs arrived broken. The flower inside the bauble looks to be real. A petal had fallen off the one I purchased inside the bauble sadly.The metal Butterfly has 4 delicate wings too which could become flattened or bent easily.The gift box has a real hand pressed tiny flower on the front too.It is still a nice gift item and I recommend it.

  152. Laura Wood
    Laura Wood says:

    When the earring arrived they were in a lovely box with a bow on it. Upon opening it I was so pleased. The Crystal sparkles as only a Swaroski crystal can. I put them on immediately. They are much bigger than I though the crystal itself is at least a centimeter from top to bottom. The sterling silver clasp is a great design and is every secure. I really can’t say enough about this product. I will be following this company on social media to make sure I don’t miss a thing.

  153. booboo
    booboo says:

    Great delivery service as always with Prime Amazon! I love my best friend heart! The words are lovely and the quality of the wood and wording is perfect! Thank you seller you’ve done an amazing job!

  154. elizabeth berry
    elizabeth berry says:

    Lovely candles, really nice scent. It would be nice if the candles were labelled with the individual scents. The candles and outer box are lovely quality but the foam packaging needs rethinking.

  155. Mr AA
    Mr AA says:

    Got this as a anniversary gift and it served the purpose . Wife simply loved it. Nice craftsmanship, looks beautiful and definitely long lasting . Magnetic photo holder makes easy to put in a picture. Loved it ..

  156. Scotty Leon
    Scotty Leon says:

    I ordered this unit but I thought it would be bigger. I ended up spending 135 with delivery but I don’t feel I got my money’s worth. It’s a gift for my wife but I’m disappointed. Maybe it’s me and I didnt go enough research on it.

  157. Dakota G
    Dakota G says:

    It’s pretty, in a branded box. Looks nice. A little more petite then I thought the piece would be but still nice for a young person or someone who doesn’t normally wear jewelry.

  158. chelle bell
    chelle bell says:

    I brought this for my best friend,which she really liked it,I was a little disappointed about the size,my fault I didn’t check the measurements first,smaller than I expected.

  159. Kecia pannell
    Kecia pannell says:

    Cute little braclet!! I brought this for my daighter she wanted to buy her best friend a christmas gift which was great because you get two for this awesome price her friend love it can’t go wrong

  160. Amazonian
    Amazonian says:

    You know when you buy a $40 necklace you are taking a bit of a risk. Especially when it going to a a wife of over 30 years but I was looking for a nice stocking stuffer. This ended up being one if not her favorite gift. The design and packaging is first rate. Be sure to take a minute and move all of the paperwork to behind the necklace otherwise that is the first thing seen when the box is opened. But the necklace sparkles perfectly in the light. It is demure and was a perfect fit. It came with wrapping paper for the box and a very nice gift bag. Kudos for making a solid product with a husband friendly package! I just cant say enough about the quality and design. I will definitely buy again.

  161. Noobius
    Noobius says:

    So a couple of things to note here! 1. The heat works great without getting too hot. 2. It’s a great size for neck, upper back and low back. 3. Cord length was great.. Now for the complaints 1. The rollers are spaced just a little to far apart for my liking. I get most sore right outside of my spine and these missed the mark. 2. You can only use heat going in one direction. 3. There is no give meaning same pressure given for high and low spots of the body. 4. If you have long hair I would not recommend using on your neck when your hair is in a ponytail (which is the only way I would use it on my neck). It matted mine into a huge rats nest!! 5. I wasn’t too impressed with the actual massage and it did not get rid of my pain, but I did get to put up with the soreness the next day. Would not buy again…May return.

  162. Laur
    Laur says:

    Got this cup in October for a birthday. Used about twice a week. Basically just rinsed it and only washed it it by hand and the lettering is coming off. Very , very disappointing!

  163. Granny J
    Granny J says:

    I have purchased two of these cups for gifts for friends as was so surprised at how beautiful the details on them are. Both friends were extremely pleased with their unusual presents.They both came very well packaged Definitely recommend & would certainly buy from this company again.

  164. Camille Uribe
    Camille Uribe says:

    I paid a total of $94 for a regular sized walnut wood cutting board with two customized glasses . I did not receive the glasses & the board looks beautiful but it’s very light and small for the price in my opinion. A larger one would have been ab $25 more and although it clearly states the size I expected the wood to feel a little thicker and heavier with a polish . I emailed them don’t know when I’ll get a response and still haven’t received the two glasses I paid for . It was a gift for my parents 25th so I’m pretty bummed I didn’t get all the items . :/

  165. Nathan Griffiths
    Nathan Griffiths says:

    Picture doesn’t do this necklace justice at all, but it is absolutely beautiful and I love it. All of the diamonds are so sparkly and stand out so much. Great quality and wonderful work! This is definitely a necklace I will wear quite often.

  166. Chris Bell
    Chris Bell says:

    Got this for my wife and I to wear. It came with two bracelets. When I got the bracelets in, one of them was broken as you can see in the picture. Normally I would never give 5 stars for something that came in broken but the seller was more than happy to replace it and did so with a quickness. They shipped off the replacement and I received it before I even had a chance to send off the broken one! All in all I love these little things and it’s a great conversation starter. I mean come on, it says “F^ck Off” in Morse Code.10/10 •-•• — •••- • •• – -•– — ••- •– •••-•• •-•• – — —

  167. Nancy
    Nancy says:

    This by far is one of my most favourite buys!! I originally was buying this as a gift but decided to purchase one for for our family. BEST INVESTMENT! Can’t wait to have people over to create yummy boards!It does have to be treated( have to purchase separately) before use so there is some work to it before using it but not that hard.

  168. lorraine smith
    lorraine smith says:

    This blue butterfly enamel cup is beautiful.So pleased with this purchase.It was wrapped realy well and came very quickly.This is a presant for a freinds birthday i am sure she will love it.The spoon with it is realy cute too.I will be buying again as there are a lot of pretty cups and taller ones to choose from.Thank you im so pleased.Lorraine .Smith.

  169. Sir Spenn
    Sir Spenn says:

    Quality is okay… it definitely looks cheaper the more you look at it… but from 5 feet away it looks very pretty.Lights are randomly strewn around, and glass is hot glued in. Could adjust them if you really wanted to.Chances are if you are looking for a gift like this at this price range then the person you are giving it to will love it. Even with its flaws.Comes with a really cute card that you can give with the gift!

  170. Amal
    Amal says:

    This arrived literally 10 mins ago and as I unpacked it I needed to write a review!I bought this for my grandmother to give to my aunt for her 50th Birthday. Originally I had another sellers item (this exact same necklace) for almost double the price. I buy and sell wholesale though so when I saw this item for less I knew it was exactly the same as the higher priced one. Now the price is great but what I love is everything they include! An adorable bag with a loving note written across it, a velvet bag for the necklace once it’s unboxed, a cloth for cleaning the necklace and a card! It’s absolutely worth the price, all great materials, packaged well. Don’t hesitate!

  171. Chris Harman
    Chris Harman says:

    These scented candles were lovely they came in a lovely gift wrapped box, the candles were in decorative tins and looked really nice I used then as a stocking filler for Christmas . Both my daughters were really pleased with them. They both had different ones but they all smelled nice

  172. joanne etherington
    joanne etherington says:

    arrived before estimated delivery time, excellent price and said exactly what i wanted to say as a friend is having a very difficult time..made her cry but for all the right reasons

  173. Stephanie Nitzel
    Stephanie Nitzel says:

    This was a gift for my daughter for her 21st Birthday and it has held up wonderfully. She’s had it for over a month and she wears it everyday. It is a little small but she wears it with another necklace so the effect is perfect.

  174. Irena
    Irena says:

    I gave this to a friend as a gift. The packaging was nice and she loved it! Elephants are adorable charms and have really great symbolism behind it. I haven’t asked her how it is and how it wears cause COVID. BUT I would definitely consider buying for a gift again, or even for myself.

  175. Amazon Customer
    Amazon Customer says:

    I purchased this necklace for my mom for Christmas. My 20yo daughter and I were looking for a little something with some sentimental value to it. Mom doesn’t typically wear jewelry on a daily basis other than her wedding rings and her watch. She was so happy with this necklace, I noticed a few days ago that she was wearing it and she told me she loves it so very much. In most cases, you get what you pay for, but this item is lovely and has held up to daily wear. Eventually I think I would get her a stronger chain (but only because she seems to want to wear it every day). If you are looking for a little something sentimental as a gift, it’s a nice piece. It is costume jewelry so keep that in mind when you are giving it as a gift, but it certainly is a pretty necklace.

  176. deb woodcock
    deb woodcock says:

    These were gifts for Christmas and arrived after Christmas which said they would but did arrive earlier than stated. Thanks

  177. gaynor ann hewer
    gaynor ann hewer says:

    Always an uncertainty ordering online without seeing product but can truly say these candies , the presentation, the quick service and quality of what you receive is outstanding ! Absolutely love them , will be ordering more as just a perfect gift for someone you love

  178. Tom Stewart
    Tom Stewart says:

    Made my wife cry she loved it. I bought this as a gag gift to go with another one I bought but turned out to be an awesome gift

  179. Amazon Customer
    Amazon Customer says:

    I was expecting the size to be comparable to a normal toilet tissue roll, but it is a little smaller. The gift was enjoyed though.

  180. Nikki104
    Nikki104 says:

    I bought these based on the reviews. I can not believe people were ok with them? They are very very poor quality. They would be great for $10. Not ever close to being worth almost $40. They also look like mice.

  181. Judy levesque
    Judy levesque says:

    J ai trouvé cela tellement beau, je l ai acheté à une dame très gentille. Elle était tellement contente. Merci beaucoup Amazon.

  182. AG-Family
    AG-Family says:

    This necklace is the most perfect little gift to send to a friend to remind them that you appreciate them and your friendship.It arrives with the necklace not on the friendship card. You need to put the necklace on the card yourself (it only takes a minute) but do keep that in mind if sending directly to them. There is a little pouch on the back of the card where the necklace sits to keep it safe. I will attach a photo to give you a clearer idea of what I mean.It is such good value for money. It cost roughly the same as sending some cheap flowers where as this is something they can treasure.The necklace itself is simple yet elegant.I would definitely purchase again.

  183. O23
    O23 says:

    I bought this necklace for my son’s girlfriend.The necklace is lovely, a little delicate but value for money. it’s lovely it came in a box with a gift card & bag but unfortunately they weren’t appropriate it’s 21st birthday necklace yet the card has all the best on the front & the gift bag has the wording remember I love you more than anything in the world .. this is words I’d relate to a partner or your child so doesn’t give any expanse if your buying for someone elseWhich is a shame.

  184. Josh F.
    Josh F. says:


  185. D.H.
    D.H. says:

    Overall it’s a very pretty set and I wanted to like it. Was excited to get it. However, for some odd reason and maybe my set is just defective. But the gold tone of the watch in my set did not match the bracelets. I’ve added photos of them all together and also of the bracelets worn next to my other beloved AK watch. They are more of a champagne gold tone when my AK watch is very nice toned down gold and the watch from the set is totally different but closer to my other watch in tone and not at all close to the tone of the bracelets if that makes sense. It’s hard to capture a photo of this difference but if you’re OCD like me, it would bother you. For this reason I have to return this pretty set. My other AK watch matches all of my gold plated steel jewelry perfectly. And I don’t have any champagne gold jewelry so these bracelets won’t match anything I wear :( very sad as I had planned on wearing them with both AK watches, the one I had and the one from the set. It’s just weird

  186. luis p
    luis p says:

    I purchased this as a gift for my gf, and From the reviews and comments you would think this is a great buy. But I’ll be honest, in person, it looks cheap and not how it’s pictured. There is no way I will give this as a gift, I am returning it and finding a better brand.

  187. Kristy A
    Kristy A says:

    The quality of this bracelet is excellent. I have worn it everyday since it has arrived and no issues. Still looks like new and would definitely recommend this bracelet.

  188. Jennifer Davis
    Jennifer Davis says:

    My boyfriend and I have a long distance relationship, he lives in Ohio, and I live in Virginia. Therefore, I needed something small but sweet that I could put inside a Valentine’s Day card and mail. This was perfect! Nice quality, exactly as described in the listing. I love it!

  189. Lily Darzy
    Lily Darzy says:

    I love how it made me feel, the extra ordinary handle feels like poo between my fingers (I like the feeling of poo between my fingers).

  190. KH
    KH says:

    Like the simple design.However after 1 week of normal wear the finish of the metal beads has worn off both bracelets.Will continue to wear them though as we like the message and thought behind it.

  191. Sandra Sanchez
    Sandra Sanchez says:

    I ordered this as a birthday gift for my niece – she LOVED it! Had a good laugh! Very durable & well-made product. I would order again & highly recommend this product!

  192. KB
    KB says:

    This necklace is absolutely beautiful. Bought for my Mom and she will love it for sure. Quality chain and the crystal is clear and so full of beautiful color, it’s even better than expected. It’s also a really nice size. Arrives in a lovely little gift box. Very happy with this purchase.

  193. Jennifer J
    Jennifer J says:

    IAdorable, funny and a perfect little gift for someone with a sense of humor. (I bought the Fan-fucking tastic version) I’ve gifted it to three friends already. I wish this was available with a claw clasp instead of the adjustable strings because I find the dangling strings to be a bit annoying. But for the price, and for two, you can’t beat it.

  194. Janel Baker
    Janel Baker says:

    Love this candle!!!! Can spell the scent through all the packaging! Great lavender scent. I am definitely going to order more candles from this company!!! The candle was well package and shipped!

  195. Janel Baker
    Janel Baker says:

    Love this candle!!!! Can spell the scent through all the packaging! Great lavender scent. I am definitely going to order more candles from this company!!! The candle was well package and shipped!

  196. Samantha Morgan
    Samantha Morgan says:

    It was beautiful. The flower is real and stunning. The necklace really works! Takes a little bit of learning where to shine the light but once you get it, it’s wonderful!!

  197. miameemaw
    miameemaw says:

    gift I sent as a reminder to my sister she is never alone during these times of isolation…she loved it…shiney, sturdy and gift card is perfect.

  198. MatthewL
    MatthewL says:

    The card is well made, and the envelope that comes with it is very sturdy. My wife enjoyed the card and its sentiment.


    I was given this bracelet as a gift from my daughter and I love the design and writing, but it is very sharp around the edges and I even cut my arm when putting it on and throughout the day wearing it :( very bummed, because otherwise, i would wear it every day

  200. Erin C Cawthon
    Erin C Cawthon says:

    This candle smells great and burns nicely. I laugh every time I light it because I feel like it is fitting for so many different areas of my life right now.

  201. Kristina
    Kristina says:

    My good friend loves butterflies and the symbolization behind butterflies so I got her this as part of a Christmas present. It’s beautiful and the message behind it is beautiful, but she wore it often (in the shower including) and it got rusty and broke a month later. This would be a better gift for someone you don’t know as well, maybe a new boyfriends sister or something, but if shopping for a better friend, you’re better off splurging as it’ll probably just end up in the garbage.

  202. Erin C Cawthon
    Erin C Cawthon says:

    This candle smells great and burns nicely. I laugh every time I light it because I feel like it is fitting for so many different areas of my life right now.

  203. paula gregory-baker
    paula gregory-baker says:

    Very disappointed with this product …. covid preventing contact… special presents mean so much more!! the typing stamp is short of ink so doesn’t read clear .. there was markings of damage at the top and on the chunk .. so disappointing 👎will not buy from this site again

  204. Monica
    Monica says:

    Bought this as a present for my sister’s birthday and it was a big hit, the gift box was so beautiful! All the contents were boxed really nicely and it smelled amazing as soon as you opened it. Products felt really high quality and felt like you got A LOT for your money! Thought the greeting card was a nice touch to make it more special too, which is important when buying something on AMazon! My sister loved it and said the Queen mug was her favorite, she keeps it on her desk since she’s a big coffee drinker and sent me pics of how stunning it looks. Will def buy again!

  205. Blisa05
    Blisa05 says:

    Extremely flimsy. Advertised pictures make it look like it is on a much thicker cord. Really hoping it doesn’t break.

  206. Victor Isaev
    Victor Isaev says:

    A pure magic! So beautiful – the glass rose is just stunning.I mean, it’s definitely a great gift (and not just for women). Looks great in a dark cozy room.One note: I wish there was a cloth included, you know, like the one they put with glasses. You’d want to keep the glass dome clean and wipe all the fingerprints! Also I wish the switch was on the side (I turn this light off for the day), but it’s ok as-is.

  207. RTH
    RTH says:

    This was a gift for someone who had been thru quite a lot. This was perfect! Great quality, arrived quickly and made the receiving party smile and laugh! just what was needed!

  208. Sci-girl
    Sci-girl says:

    I purchased the Aurora Borealis. The color is just yellow. There’s no other color reflecting from this crystal. It is ugly and nothing like the picture shown on the description. I am returning this.

  209. RTH
    RTH says:

    This was a gift for someone who had been thru quite a lot. This was perfect! Great quality, arrived quickly and made the receiving party smile and laugh! just what was needed!

  210. hazeem
    hazeem says:

    I got this for my 2 year old niece who just started going to daycare. It is sooo cute and she loves it. The only downside is that it doesn’t have enough zippers for storage but otherwise it’s great and lightweight.

  211. CK
    CK says:

    Love the words, but doubt it’s worth a tenner. It’s thin and flimsy looking and can see a few hanks in the material through the packaging. Also just looked like a sticker, didn’t look like was going to have any durability. Ended up returning because I didn’t feel comfortable gifting to my friend – really disappointed. Not value for money.

  212. Susan
    Susan says:

    Nicely made. Good quality, very pleased. Nice BD gift forbmy 21 yr old granddaughter Very nice packaging and presentation.

  213. pandaskittles
    pandaskittles says:

    This is a beautiful necklace. I gifted it to my fiancé and she loved it. One day we were lounging around and her chain accidentally broke. I ended up ordering a new one and it arrived pretty quick. I’d recommend this necklace to others.

  214. gary jones
    gary jones says:

    Title is miss leading says real rose preserved but the are fabric petals with a little bit of plastic on top and the chain went green in about 3 day

  215. Sally
    Sally says:

    I really like the packing and it comes with straw, straw brush, socks, ribbon and note cards. I preffered it for cold drinks for a now it works good 👍 and the color that I fell in love rose gold perfect

  216. Dusty
    Dusty says:

    Needed a little token of appreciation to give the wife and this was perfect. Something she can wear on a casual day and not have to worry about losing.

  217. Bunny2
    Bunny2 says:

    Beautiful packaging! The product on the other hand was a little underwhelming, I think it looked better in the pictures. I’m sure there are nicer products that are similar for a better price unfortunately.

  218. Gingie
    Gingie says:

    This is such a cute cup the straw has rivets so it doesn’t move around. The seal is awesome. Keeps beverages cold or warm depending on your desire. It came with a straw brush and an awesome pair of warm socks!! Now if only they supplied the wine!

  219. Kim
    Kim says:

    Super fun for turning 21. My daughter loved it! Packages box was cute, but gave a 3 because there was a hole in the bottom so it was not usable. Would have been a nice, fun sturdy box without the big hole.

  220. Beck
    Beck says:

    Really impressed with this! Got for my friends birthday as she loves a cuppa at work. So so pretty and such good quality! Would definitely recommend

  221. Hayden0907
    Hayden0907 says:

    Lovely crafted candle stick designs with a beautiful meaning behind each one. I had trouble deciding which design to choose, but eventually went with the bestie one for one of my close friends. I’m tempted to also purchase a daughter one as she recently moved to her new home and would be lovely for her!I’d reccomend this product for anyone looking to decorate their home with love and thought. Wonderful!Happy customer here :)

  222. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    Got it as a small side-gift to give my mom for Mother’s Day. Did a small quality check beforehand, and everything seems to be in shape. The cup is sturdy and the socks are fluffy so everything looks good to me.

  223. lioness
    lioness says:

    Got this as a gift for mum’s birthday, she loves it, I had a nosey and will get myself one, candles smell lovely, nice as ornaments as well as they r very attractive, looks and smells luxury, 19.99 ain’t bad considering there is 4 beautiful candles and some lavender and rose scents that my mum has put in her wardrobe

  224. Tammie
    Tammie says:

    REMEMBER TO TAKE THE COVER OFF AT NIGHT AND OUT IT BACK ON DURING THE DAY!!!! It else it won’t work. I saw reviews where people said it wasn’t showing on the ceiling… There’s a removable cover for night time.This was a Christmas gift for my Granddaughters. They use it every night! It is the perfect brightness and had so many settings. But the timer function doesn’t always work. We have to turn it off after they fall asleep.

  225. Adriana
    Adriana says:

    The bag is cute. What it says is cute.It’s pretty flimsy for the price.If I saw it at a store, picked it up and felt how flimsy it is I wouldn’t have bought it….Maybe at Dollar Tree

  226. aricia
    aricia says:

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  Cutest lil mug ever! Got it for my boyfriend for our two year anniversary, and I just know he will love it! Heavy glass and was packaged well. Worth the price!

  227. Christina Miller
    Christina Miller says:

    The quality of this product was decent, the only problem I found was that the morse code on one of the bracelets spelled out the wrong word. For anyone that doesn’t know morse code, this wouldn’t be a problem but for someone wanting their mate to have the same message on their bracelet, it’s discouraging.

  228. Amazon Customer
    Amazon Customer says:

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  Little cute thing to get for us! But sadly don’t last very long. It’s great! But if u take it on and off a lot the knot comes lose and then it bracelet dosent work. His worked great never took his off but i kept removing mine off and knot came lose so couldn’t wear mine anymore.

  229. Anna
    Anna says:

    The price is perfect for a beautiful gift such as this. It came a day early and I am very excited to give this to my mother. No hassle or worry about getting a card, or a box- it’s all here- I can’t wait to see the look on my moms face when I give it to her.Great price, the boxing is beautiful- and the packaging for it when it was shipped was well taken care of.Thank you very much!!

  230. Elizabeth Grandy
    Elizabeth Grandy says:

    One of the bottom leaf is not glued down and floats around inside. The glass is glued shut ,so I cant fix it.the second leaf is coming loose too.The necklace that came with it is rose gold dipped and my niece is allergic to rose gold plating, I wish they sent the silver one.And my color wasn’t eligible for the 5 dollars off coupon. I would buy this rose from another vendor without the necklace. My boyfriend bought me a Similar rose but it didnt have these problems.Not really giftable in this state.

  231. Dan
    Dan says:

    I purchased this as a gift for Valentines day for my Wife, She absolutely loved it and spent a few minutes looking it over. It now proudly sits on our mantle for everyone to see, it comes with its own stand. The flower looks very cool covered in resin and Gold, highly recommend.

  232. Gillian Marie
    Gillian Marie says:

    My husband and I bought these as a gift for a family member who is really sick. She was overjoyed and loved the added touch of the scented items to put in the drawer or cupboard to keep laundry smelling fresh.Well packaged and thought out. Very happy customers and highly recommend.

  233. Amazon Customer
    Amazon Customer says:

    This keychain is just as shown and the seller is amazing! I messaged them a couple questions and received a reply in an incredibly reasonable amount of time. I also received the keychains I ordered very quickly. I recommend both the item and the seller.

  234. Shannon Chastain
    Shannon Chastain says:

    Super strong scent. Maybe it will wear off after being burned for a little while. I can imagine someone burning this in the same room they are in. It would give me a headache. It would be good outside on a patio, porch or by the pool.I didn’t buy it for the scent though, i bought it for the saying on it. Mom loved it

  235. Amanda Davis
    Amanda Davis says:

    The llama itself isn’t the best of llama depictions. I kept the metal tag and bought another cuter llama to attach to my key chain.

  236. Crystal
    Crystal says:

    This was a High School Senior Grad Gift for my son. He was very happy to receive this nice bookmark that should last many years.

  237. G. Martinez
    G. Martinez says:

    My mom loved it! The quality of the produces that come inside is super good. The box looks awesome when you get it. It really makes for a great looking and high quality gift. It looks a lot more expensive than what it is. You won’t disappoint. I was surprised with the quality of the mug. Very good quality and not like those cheap mugs. Would definitely recommend it if you want to give a good quality gift.

  238. Danielle E. Ward
    Danielle E. Ward says:

    This gift was so spot on with regard to our relationship that my boyfriend thought I wrote it! A funny, yet sentimental gift that was quite appreciated, and even though he doesn’t even use mugs, he says he’ll be using this one.The mug looks exactly as it shows online.

  239. Rob Jones
    Rob Jones says:

    Absolutely excellent quality and excellent service very pleased. Well presented well packaged will be using this seller again. Thanks again Rob.

  240. Fairycolor
    Fairycolor says:

    This is one of my favorite Bracelet by Angelady, the Infinity Bracelet is so Beautiful and tiny goes very well with the other’s i’ve bought from this Jewelry and i just had great compliments for this fantastic jewelry, Her Design’s are all absolutely STUNNING and love the way she build her bracelets they are so comfort to wear i forget to take them out before my shower or sleeping, so that’s proove how Amazing Her jewels are so yes Highly recommend cause you can’t go wrong when you buy any jewels from Angelady Jewelry.

  241. Gina
    Gina says:

    Bought this as one of my boyfriends gifts for our two year anniversary. He loved it and thought it was wicked funny since were both obsessed with each others bums hahaThe price wasn’t bad either. He hasn’t actually used it so I can’t comment on quality or if the handle gets too hot when put in the microwave. He actually keeps it displayed on our entertainment center with another mug I had made for him with our pictures put onto for our first anniversary.

  242. J & D
    J & D says:

    Part of a birthday gift for my daughter, this was bought last minute for the words….I have to say, I make bags and purses and could have done a far better job myself. The quality is not great. The wording is a transfer that is very obvious because of the fabric weave used. The finish isn’t very good…the boxed bottom isn’t cut, threads just left and the quality of materials used isn’t great either. To be fair it arrived on time and in reasonable packaging but had it not been for the time constraints, I would most definitely have returned it. You really do get what you pay for.

  243. Blake
    Blake says:

    The box is pretty and it was packed nicely HOWEVER I gave two stars because I did not receive the key bottle opener I was very excited about. there was a spot carved out inside the box for it but no key inside.

  244. Jose Vargas
    Jose Vargas says:

    It turned out perfect. Although it was personalized shipping was fast. My friend loved it. Easy meaningful gift.

  245. MsChrisR
    MsChrisR says:

    This gift was purchased as a farewell present & the person luv’d it… this set is exceptional. The fragrances are incredible, each item is exceptionally made… even the box is pretty. Gifting this present will make some lucky woman very happy. So impressed I may buy a box for myself 🥰

  246. Jennifer Sharp
    Jennifer Sharp says:

    Unfortunately I did not get pictures before I gave them away. Bummer. They turned out great! My nieces loved them! I personalized with their school colors instead of the white gown they both actually wore and then where they suggested “class of 2021” I put the date they graduated “June 6, 2021”I do wish they had an option to change the writing font and color but it still turned out cool!

  247. Amazon Customer
    Amazon Customer says:

    UPDATE: I was unhappy with the original candle I purchased. After the first burn, it burned unevenly and wouldn’t stay lit. The Company sent me a replacement candle and the new candle burns perfectly and smells nice. It was a fun gift for my husband’s birthday. I’ve updated my stars from 2 to 5 because the new candle has done so well.

  248. Ray
    Ray says:

    The engraving on the key chain is nice and to the point, “I win”, LOL. I bought this on impulse for my wife, she really likes it. The metal is solid along with the key loop. My only concern is the link between the loop and message bar holding them together. Only time will tell, as long as my wife is happy that’s all that matters. I think it’s a bit over priced but at the same time, like I said as long as my wife is happy.

  249. Ashley Futral
    Ashley Futral says:

    Great gift for my hubby, we are both gamers! They are super cute and readable, but doesn’t feel too durable. Overall good gift though.

  250. Kaz Bishop
    Kaz Bishop says:

    Wow I was amazed at this Scented Candles Gift Set. The scent of the two candles are amazing, absolutely fab. I brought as a gift for one of my friends who loves scented candles and she was over the moon. The gift box is fab too and the size of the candles are great. My friend has used them and they smell define. The price was very good value and they would make a lovely gift for so many female friends and for many occasions e.g birthdays, thank yous, teacher presents, anniversaries, mother day, Christmas , valentines. Plus I like them so much I will get my self some as they will be lovely to have in the house and use after cooking fish and other smelly foods or for my massage room as well. These are well worth the price.

  251. S
    S says:

    Lovely scented candles. I especially love the lavender which almost has a hint of vanilla in it. Overall I love the size of both the candles and the fact that the scent lasts a very long time once used.

  252. Jo
    Jo says:

    Very light cheaply made, not sturdy at all made from balsawood wouldn’t trust the candle flames near it either really disappointed with this certainly not value for money at all DO NOT BUY

  253. Amazon Customer
    Amazon Customer says:

    I bought this for my best friends birthday and I’m annoyed I didn’t read the reviews beforehand as they’re rubbish people are saying they go on fire etc etc another thing that I’m really annoyed at is the quality is rubbish it’s cheap wood and it’s very very small in size isn’t worth the money I paid for it so I’m returning it and requesting a refund as it’s not fit for purpose

  254. Hilary Cook
    Hilary Cook says:

    This card was for my anniversary and couldn’t have been more perfect. It was beautiful quality and well worth the price. Bigger than your standard card size with a nice finish.

  255. Adi Rudra
    Adi Rudra says:

    The bracelet was delivered before the deadline. However I don’t think it’s worth the money I paid for. It was made out of cheap products unlike it was shown on the platform. The product LooKS good ,but isn’t. Utmost care required else it would break off.

  256. A McKinnon
    A McKinnon says:

    Smaller than expected. Would be better if country of origin was shown on all item descriptions this would save a lot of disappointment. Cheap tat. Would not waste my money again.

  257. Javad
    Javad says:

    My wife loves pink color and I bought this for her birthday.It works great so far. Has a nice design, well made material, Insulated, It didn’t change the Water and other liquid taste and keep the hot beverages for more than 2 hours.spoon, cleaning set was included in the package and the size is perfect to carry and placed in the bag.Giftable and perfect size.(Update)

  258. Verena Russell
    Verena Russell says:

    Ordered for a friend who was leaving worn . She lives it and wanted something that would remind her of her time at work .A little small but this adds to the charm

  259. Scasy
    Scasy says:

    My cup was destroyed by the dishwasher before. Therefore I am looking for an alternative one for replacement. This is a valuable product specially with the straw and the flower spoon! It also come with the straw cleaning tool. I love the flower style spoon!! With this price, absolutely a great product.

  260. Phil
    Phil says:

    I bought this for my wife on her 50th birthday and she loves it! She’s been wearing it quite often. Her only slightly negative comment was that the clasp is a little difficult to fasten and un fasten. Other that that A+

  261. Kennly Weerasinghe
    Kennly Weerasinghe says:

    The packaging/presentation upon arrival looks awesome. It really makes for a great looking gift. The items, including the soap and bath bomb were also of great quality. Would purchase again.

  262. Farooq S
    Farooq S says:

    Perfect gift idea! The wife loved it, and came with everything needed for a nice relaxing night! Would highly recommend!

  263. Alisa
    Alisa says:

    As soon as I received this, the magnet has fallen out of one of the bracelets. I tried contacting the seller twice and nothing had been done. Do not buy this product. Save your money!

  264. Marie
    Marie says:

    It came quickly and it was extremely well presented. It could be a nice gift… but I could not wear it out of the wrap. It smells… I put it outdoor, in the sun, for a whole day… and let it outdoor part of the night and when I took it in it was still smelly. It will go back outdoor because I am not returning it. I tried it on and it’s perfect for sitting in bed or in my wheelchair. It is just long enough but short enough so I am not sitting on it. No bulky bumps when sitting. No extra ripples of fabric in the front or on the sides.From the neck seam to the bottom it is 32″ and I am 5’7″.

  265. Ollie beak
    Ollie beak says:

    The scandals are delightful and unusual. I bought them for a good friend and she was thrilled. The quality is excellent. They were carefully packed by the seller and arrived safely and when expected.

  266. Kathy
    Kathy says:

    Bought as a gift for my friend who is as near as I could get to being my sister. Loved it & was so pleased to gift it to her.

  267. 9373076592
    9373076592 says:

    Bought as a gift for my fiance as a just because I Love you gift. She loved it. The candle smells very nice but isn’t a really strong aroma. A little smaller than I expected but still a very nice product and would order from this company again.

  268. Angela
    Angela says:

    Bought this for the birthday of a very close friend who had been going though quite a lot. When she opened her present and read the message on the blocks she filled up with tears. It was fragrant, sincere and design wise suited her personality and creativity too . For that sort of reaction it was worth every penny.

  269. Zhanna
    Zhanna says:

    I would say this gift set is super cute. Gift box Preferably will be great for younger ladies.Me personally- I like it. Everything smells good, looks good. It was a pleasure to give presents in my friend hands.

  270. Marcel
    Marcel says:

    I own a few chains from KRKC&CO, including a white gold chain and a necklace with a flash pendant. They are all above average quality and I especially enjoy their 18k gold series.This chain is so far my most favorite to wear. It’s entirely subjective because of a few things.First of all – I managed to find the right length for me, which is 18 inch. It allows the chain to hang just slightly and be almost entirely visible when you wear a regular shirt, a polo shirt or a v-neck. It’s a case of taste but for me that length definitely attracted the most attention.Then it’s the thickness. I also own a 10mm, really thick gold chain, which is really cool, but it’s a bit too much for everyday wear. Great for parties and casual events though. The chain I’m reviewing now is 5mm thick and looks as cool as it’s elegant. I can wear it for any occasion.Finally – it’s the choice between white gold and yellow gold. I often wear my first chain which is a white gold 20 inch 5mm one. It’s nice and discrete. But the one I have here is much more attractive.I do like the fact that they added a solid plate with their logo. It’s nice, discrete and I think it’s a good step forward. My other chains don’t have that.The stainless steel base makes the chain heavier than sterling silver one, and a bit darker. It doesn’t lose the ‘bling’ though in my opinion. It’s really well made, with a solid lobster clasp and a good amount of shine.The box is ok but slightly less impressive than the hinge ones I got my previous chains in. For a casual gift it’s ok I guess and the chain is wrapped in protective foil. I also like the fact they use proper seals on the outer box, which prevent unwanted people from accessing it.I added a picture for you to see it.The chain is surprisingly a lot cheaper than all my previous chains (which still hold the same price as when I reviewed them). I’m not quite sure how to understand that as the lengths are similar as well as thickness and materials. At £23 this chain is less than half price, compared with my previous choices. It’s as nice if not nicer though. I always moaned a bit about them being expensive, but the current price is exactly what I would pay for this quality chain. Therefore I’m happy to award 5 stars and recommend it. Just remember, think about what length and thickness you would feel most comfortable with – it really helps to make the right choice.Thank you for reading my review. I hope you found it helpful.

  271. PaPa
    PaPa says:

    I got this for my cousin’s birthday and I am very happy with this purchase. She loved it a lot as she is a fan of going to beach and get sun tanned. So, the body butter and lotion was perfectly fitting her needs and she thanked me a lot for getting this package for her. All the items in this package are useful. The candles and bath bombs are of very good scent and it is exactly the same as pictured. I recommend this gift package to those who wanna get a good gift for someone who cares about bath, body, and romantic bath environment.

  272. Jay Tee
    Jay Tee says:

    I got this as a gift for my wife and she really enjoyed it.Not only is the rose a quality looking item, she liked the look and feel of the necklace.When she found out about the laser inscription she was even happier, so that’s a Great Gift in my mind.

  273. Roger Duford
    Roger Duford says:

    I had ordered a 80” x 60” and received a 50” x 59” measured. But it was an anniversary gift and all ready given as a gift. She does love the blanket and still a good product just wrong size.

  274. Amazon Customer
    Amazon Customer says:

    It came beautifully packaged. Gave this to my friend as a gift and it was the highlight of the party. My friend also loved the quote on the tumbler. She’s a big wine and coffee drinker so the tumbler was the most practical gift that she could use every day.

  275. Damilola Momodu
    Damilola Momodu says:

    I got this for my wife on her birthday and she absolutely loves it. It is a very good quality dual tumbler and she uses it everyday for both drinks on the go whatever her mood is. Even after several washes, it has retained that glossy pink look. Durable and sturdy if you ask me.

  276. Amazon Customer
    Amazon Customer says:

    I bought this as a gift and USPS completely destroyed my order. It was so bad that they didn’t even send me the cup! They just left a note that it was damaged and that they were sorry. I reported it to the seller and she immediately refunded me and I was able to place an order again. She made sure it got to me just in time as well. The product itself is super cute and made of good material. The person loved it!

  277. sleepstate
    sleepstate says:

    Excellent gift box for the price. Everything came nicely packaged in a gift box. Wife loves it, especially the bath bombs and drinks tumbler. I think the copper on the tumbler really sets it apart. Would order again if/when she runs out of the supplies.

  278. S.Brown
    S.Brown says:

    As noted in the title, super cute glass but a doctor star since I can’t go in the microwave and I love making tea so that’s the whole point for me. But 10 points for effort for my Husband who got this as a Valentine’s Day gift for me (:

  279. Andréa
    Andréa says:

    At first, I loved my necklace. But now after a month or so of wearing it, the color is starting to change. I don’t even wear it everyday. I’m very disappointed

  280. Dominika
    Dominika says:

    The written at the bottom of the larger stand was very faint,not sure if it’s because it was kept wrongly or just not caught the paint. Nice gift

  281. Paul R. Waibel
    Paul R. Waibel says:

    If you have a wife as wonderful as mine, and you want to surprise her with a lovely gift that shows you just how much she is loved and appreciated, this fluffy, soft, and luxurious little lap blanket is just the thing. It may cost you more than a box of chocolates, but it is less expensive than a nice dozen of long-stem red roses and will last longer. Honestly, it has the feeling of soft, smooth luxury. Every time the love of your life cuddles up with it to read a book or watch a little television, she will be reminded of how much she is loved and appreciated. I recommend this as a gift for a special occasion or to say “I love you.”


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