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  1. Amazon Customer
    Amazon Customer says:

    I bought 2 both came together packed nicely. My purchase was at my doir exactly when expected. My daughter and daughter in law absolutely love these mirrors. It’s such a great piece and adds personally to there space. Very bright with easy touch button for dimming or brightening!Very much recomend this product!

  2. Kyle B
    Kyle B says:

    This card looks great. The bamboo front and back have a premium feel to them, and the inside is perfect to put a picture in. The one thing I didn’t like is that the two pieces of wood are basically just glued to a piece of folded card stock. Granted, it seems like it would take a good bit of force to rip it apart. Either way, this card isn’t something you get someone who will just throw it away. This card is something that can be put out as part of the decor of a home. I would recommend checking this card out if you have a special someone with a special day coming up!

  3. My Review to You
    My Review to You says:

    This was one of my favourite purchases this Christmas. I bought it as a hostess set for myself, and I am very impressed with the quality and design of this item.First of all, it arrived on time and in perfect condition. Upon opening it, I was amazed at how elegant it looked.The finish of the bamboo wood, the fit of the pieces, the included cheese knife set ; the quality is all top notch.The closed board measures about 15 inches square. When the hidden drawer is opened, its dimensions are approximately 20 inches by 15 inches, so set your service space accordingly.For a quiet couples evening in, it is large enough to hold a bottle of wine, a couple of glasses, cheese, meat and fruit for two.For a larger get together, it can be filled with enough cheeses, fruit, breads, meats and crackers to offer a small crowd.For a larger group, set out two or more of these, and you will find your guests comfortably helping themselves in style.The in-cut valleys that surround the board’s flat serving area will hold enough breads and crackers to ensure you don’t need to constantly check and refill them.The bamboo tray is very fine grained with a very smooth natural finish. It resists oils and stains and cleans easily with a damp cloth. The hidden drawer opens easily on carved rails and grooves, and securely holds the serving utensils, (plus an added surprise not shown in the picture), in their own carved storage pockets. A place for everything, and everything in its place.3 different types of cheese knives and a fork are all included. A cheese spade for hard cheeses ; a sharp bladed cheese knife for cutting hard cheeses ; a spreader knife for soft cheeses ; and a serving fork for medium to hard cheeses and meats. All are made with quality stainless steel tangs and bamboo handles. These can be hand washed and cleaned, but I wouldn’t advise putting them or the board in a dishwasher due to their wood constuction.Spoiler Alert : The added surprise included in the hidden drawer in their own carved storage pocket, is a set of three slate cheese markers and two dry erase chalk marker pens. A wonderful bonus to an already perfect and complete cheese service set.This set is easy to put out for service, easy to clean, and above all, easy to store. Everything you need for a quality cheese or hors d’oeuvres service is here. No going through drawers and cupboards to find the right utensils, markers and board. Set it out with one hand and all the pieces are there to help you entertain your guests.I would recommend this as a great shower, wedding, anniversary, birthday, housewarming, Valentines, Christmas, or anytime gift for the host or hostess.Very pleased and very highly recommended. Bamboo Cheese Board with Cutlery Set, Wood Charcuterie Platter and Serving Meat Board with Slide-Out Drawer with 4 Stainless Steel Knife and Server Set – Personalized Gifts. Designed By: Bambusi

  4. Amazon Customer
    Amazon Customer says:

    Not a terrible mirror without the lights, but considering the LEDs were the main reason I bought it, I was pretty disappointed to learn it was defective.

  5. Vogt Belinda
    Vogt Belinda says:

    The durable acrylic stand is sturdy and held up the gold-dipped real rose I bought my girlfriend with no risk of tumbling over, even when the rose is added on, and remains flat and stable on, and remains flat and stable on whatever flat surface you put it on. While the stand should be handled with care, it does not feel overly fragile. In my opinion, the quality is there.I especially like that the stand is clear, preventing it from detracting from the rose’s beauty. In fact, it adds to the elegance of the rose with its sophisticated design and glass-look finish. My one complaint is that there is a droplet spike on the leaf as it was being hung upside down when drying out. Of course, I believe it is only a few cases as it’s a handmade product.this is just a small mistake and does not take away from how happy I am with my purchase.

  6. Christine Trabelsi
    Christine Trabelsi says:

    ❤On both cup you have the design of the 2 Characters. It is not 1 cup the guy and the other cup the girl.But it is very nice and the package was well executed. I am giving this as a wedding gift to my sister. ❤😍

  7. dakota00
    dakota00 says:

    I bought this for my boyfriend… it says “dad”. The picture does not say “dad”.. I’m furious!!!

  8. Just4kicks
    Just4kicks says:

    The flower itself is beautiful but the stem has a BAD paint job.. there are white dots all around the leaves area. I was able to wipe some off with my nail but not perfectly, you also risk damaging it in doing so.I also received the WRONG stand… I wanted the bigger more sturdy one but instead I received the little heart stand (its flimsy and just doesn’t look up to standard).The white wrap box it came in was a quarter open and bent on the sides. The inner box is fine and is honestly the best thing about this present.The little card you get is in English but has many spelling mistakes.Overall, its not a complete disappointed since I was able to clean the flower, and the outerbox is just ment to protect the inner box. Aside from the wrong stand, its a good buy. Might return and ask for the other stand, but for now, I will see what the person I am gifting it to has to say :)

  9. kate
    kate says:

    Abosulty stunning rose perfect for a gift. Comes in a lovely presented box with a gorgeous love heart design on the front and the colouring of the rose was stunning, such a lovley item at a very fair price

  10. Emsie
    Emsie says:

    I bought this card for my husband for Valentine’s Day. He used to build houses so the wood grain was a special touch. He loved it. He thought it was a very thoughtful purchase, and we aren’t usually ones to “waste” too much money on cards. But for an occasional splurge this one is perfect. Plenty of room to write on the inside. It’s small but really the perfect size for what it is. He keeps it displayed on his dresser at home. Highly recommend this card or any like it from this brand.

  11. David B
    David B says:

    I at least expected this item to be neatly done. There’s black smudge marks that you can’t wash off. The rim is black and it’s smeared. Expected a bit better for the price. Better of going to Hoem Bargains.

  12. Belle
    Belle says:

    i am in love with this mirror! everything about it is great! i love that it uses batteries and you don’t have to plug it in. i would suggests buying this mirror if your looking for a small light up one.

  13. Mel Henderson
    Mel Henderson says:

    Absolutely beautiful necklace such a quality piece for a great price, will make a lovely gift. Photos do not do it justice!

  14. Theresa Lawrence
    Theresa Lawrence says:

    This is for my sister in laws bday, end of October. She’ll most likely, love it. Plus with, Christmas approaching, she can display it as an ornament. I picked the rose, with the gold outlining on it. Absolutely beautiful. I ordered it Oct 15, it was in mail Oct 19. Perfect

  15. Amazon Customer
    Amazon Customer says:

    Purchased this for my girlfriend for our 5 year anniversary. Each year gets harder trying to keep that engagement ring at bay. Deffiantly bought myself some time she was over the moon with this. Photo attached

  16. Amazon Customer
    Amazon Customer says:

    Ordered the sweet “I love you more” keychain. Received the “F-bomb” keychain. Couldn’t figure out why my wife looked so shocked when she opened it. Not the greatest surprise…

  17. Michelle DeGroot
    Michelle DeGroot says:

    Much smaller than the movie necklace and the colour is more aqua than the deep royal blue, but it’s still very pretty! I’ll be wearing it on our Alaska cruise next year for sure.

  18. Jo
    Jo says:

    Got it as a stocking stuffer gift for my bf. He drives a lot for work. The material is heavy not that thin cheap metal , the only issue is the really small ring that comes attached to it. Luckily it comes with an actual key ring too.

  19. Sherry R
    Sherry R says:

    I loveee this! my bf got it for me as a birthday present along with a few more things, and to be honest I was really taken by this! it is gorgeoussss and a super thoughtful gift. like love everlasting. the details on it are amazing! i highly recommend.

  20. Plamen Tsvetkov
    Plamen Tsvetkov says:

    I bought this love keyring for my girlfriend. It is very well made, good quality and memorable message. She is very happy, the heart keyring is a lovely gift. Recommended.

  21. Sandy
    Sandy says:

    An inexpensive nice gift for your wife. Mine liked it and I filled it with wine after a quick wash and dry! The glass is light in weight so I expect it is not very tough…and it doesn’t need to be.

  22. zara
    zara says:

    Very cute and neatly presented with a little baggie! My boyfriend works in a rough industry and it’s still survived so it’s quality!

  23. AK10
    AK10 says:

    This keychain was adorable and actually came in a little gift box that says Seymour Butz hahaha. I plan to gift it with my a backup of house key to a friend, maybe I’ll “propose” with it lol. Good quality but not sure how well or long it would stand up to everyday use.

  24. Stephanie A Slack
    Stephanie A Slack says:

    Gave this to my BF and he lived it, we put it on his car key ring, always a reminder why I chose him ;0)

  25. olivia blackwell
    olivia blackwell says:

    i ordered this for my boyfriend and when it came i opened the box to look at it because i wanted to see the size and the keychain isn’t even in the frikin box, i am beyond mad as i am supposed to give it to him the next time i see him but now i cant. not impressed.

  26. Amazon Customer
    Amazon Customer says:

    The gold red rose was very nice. My wife loved it for our anniversary. There was a little brochure with the gold red rose explaining the meaning of what gold means and the interpretation or meaning of the red rose. Very nice stand and the box it comes in was very nice too, great for storing the gold rose in so it does not get damaged by accident.

  27. rene latraverse
    rene latraverse says:

    Très bonne qualité comme dans la descriptionMerci pour la franchise du vendeur dans la description du produit.

  28. Cristine Deitz
    Cristine Deitz says:

    The saying had the expected reaction. It’s a little smaller than I would have liked it to be though… My hubby says it’s perfect for doing scratch and win tickets with…

  29. Marl
    Marl says:

    My girlfriend was very happy and in fact happier than the more expensive gift I gave to her. She expects to be pampered from now on.

  30. Laura
    Laura says:

    Very nice bamboo board with drawer that holds the cheese utensils, as well as the chalk labels and markers. Easy clean up and comes in a nice pouch for storage and travel. It holds enough for 4-6 people. Honestly, my favourite item in our picnic/travel bag.It would make a great gift.

  31. Svetlana Knorr
    Svetlana Knorr says:

    I have read a lot of reviews about it before purchasing it; however it looked pretty cheap being made from plastic. So unfortunately I had to return it..

  32. Meg
    Meg says:

    This gift was a beautiful gift at first, however, it broke a few weeks after I gave it to my boyfriend and he’s really upset about it. I’m unimpressed that I got it as a gift for him and it ended up breaking shortly after. I would like a refund but probably won’t get one. So disappointed.

  33. Mike De Bruyn
    Mike De Bruyn says:

    I like this glass because of the sentiment. I gave it to my wife and she was thrilled. So far so good. One day, when washing it, I simply PLACED it in the top rack of the dishwasher after hand washing it, and it shattered. No, I did not drop it. No, I did not throw it. I simply PLACED it. Bang, that was it. I have to suppose that the glass was not cooled properly when it was manufactured and so it was under stress just waiting for the chance to get me. Oh well. I’m sorry, but I have to rank this as a TOTAL FAIL and I would not recommend the product.

  34. Sanya Manchanda
    Sanya Manchanda says:

    I have bought a lot of expensive pen, this is the one of the best purchase I have made1) the weight is just right, 2) it’s a smooth writing instrument, 3)price is very affordable 4) It comes with a nice box5) Love saying engraved on pen is clean and beautiful. It deserves 5 starI’ll buy another one for a gift.

  35. Deborah $
    Deborah $ says:

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  This box is really cute. Moon River is one of my favourite songs and the tune is lovely and accurate. My only gripe is the wind up handle is a bit squeaky on mine and i’m worried to try some wd40 on it in case I ruin it. I bought it on sale so it was well worth the money I paid. Love it 😊

  36. Em
    Em says:

    I love this necklace. Its a good size, bigger than I expected without being gaudy. The stone is of a good quality and the necklace overall is very well made. They come in a lovely presentation box with cleaning cloth supplied. I’ve worn this non stop for a month and its not tarnished or discoloured in anyway, amazingly it hasn’t caused me any skin irrigation either and normally I can only wear gold for lond periods. It looks expensive and makes an excellent gift. Their customer service is also awesome. I know I’m going on a bit but you don’t often purchase something these days that you can be completely satisfied with. Ps I bought 5 of these in total for myself and as gifts. The pictures are accurate but the pale blue stone is very pale blue. The heart is 25mm x 25mm. The necklace length is 45cm/17.5 inch, with a lobster claw fastening and 5cm/2 inch of extension links if you want it a little longer. Overall highly recommended.

  37. Abigail
    Abigail says:

    The packaging and quality of this card is 10/10 but when I took the card out of the envelope, one of the corners were ripped (it was not the side I pulled the card out from), which is disappointing because it’s a wedding card to be given away.Also, there’s space in the card to write on, but it doesn’t seem like the makers specifically designed a space for you to write in. I’d say you can only write a four-line paragraph on this card.

  38. MisterMann
    MisterMann says:

    I purchased this for an anniversary gift. My wife really loves it. If I’m honest about it, it doesn’t feel/look $50 pretty. It comes in a gift box that likely added to the cost a fair amount. It was very nicely packaged. BUT – how does one put a price on marital bliss??? SHE loves it so I am happy with the purchase. :D

  39. Dolly
    Dolly says:

    I love the message on this key chain I was just hoping the loop it was a be More sturdy, but very cute and the box was adorable

  40. Rose
    Rose says:

    Very beautiful but to me it doesn’t worth the price. I wouldn’t buy it again for the price I did. You can find something that look as good for less money. I bought it for my son to give to his girlfriend for 3 years. It is beautiful but the price is too much.

  41. Sheila
    Sheila says:

    I can’t believe this is under $30! I love it so much. High quality and perfect size. I love how the back of it is blank, so you can personalize it. Feels great in your hand and fits perfectly in your pocket or purse. I highly recommend this gorgeous gift!

  42. muthaof5
    muthaof5 says:

    I purchased this cute compact mirror, as a Birthday gift for My Sister and She absolutely loved it! The engraving was perfect and the words were perfectly etched into it! It was so cute and compact and can fit in any size purse.

  43. Suzanne
    Suzanne says:

    I purchased this item for my daughter for Christmas….. It arrived quickly but the stitching is terrible. A whole section was not stitched along the edge of the blanket and now I am forced to either sow it myself or return it. The blanket is thin and cheap looking the lettering looks like its missing color when the blanket isn’t perfectly flat because its so thin. Looks like something you would find in a discount store not good quality at all and it was over $60.00. Not too happy for the price I paid. I cannot even find where to get ahold of the company to see what they are willing to do. I will return it and look at other options i guess. Unfortunate because the picture makes it tlook way nicer then it actually is.

  44. Just Dude
    Just Dude says:

    I received this rose gold double mirror compact as an anniversary gift. It has a regular and a magnified mirror. The script on the outside is quite nice. It fits nicely in the palm of my hand and resembles a pocketwatch. Comes in a pretty gift box. I love mine and would recommend this to anyone that likes the classy unusual gift!

  45. gary calcroft
    gary calcroft says:

    Brought as a stocking filler for my wife, had a quick peek to make sure it’s not broken and it was fine, really well packaged.The mug itself looks great, I’m sure I’ll get a quick peck on the cheek as she love little things like this. Obviously she’s not had the chance to try it yet, because the big fella hasn’t been yet lol 😂🎅🏼

  46. ray meadus
    ray meadus says:

    you should always read the article carefully because it is a lot smaller than I thought it was but it is exactly what they said it was but I didn’t look closely enough so therefor it is solely my fault.

  47. Divya Baghel
    Divya Baghel says:

    Really small for price and the packaging was a little beat up when I received it. My friend still loved it thought and the sound is good!

  48. Ashley Llewellyn
    Ashley Llewellyn says:

    This is super cute and I was very satisfied with the packaging. Made a good Christmas gift for my boyfriend and can also be a good valentines or birthday gift. Doesn’t feel cheap.

  49. TELBOY
    TELBOY says:

    I am of on age 74, bought this for my wife of an age, and it made her shed a tear. I have bought her numerous Christmas gifts in the past, but to see her face and at this time we are all going through, it was worth here lovely smiles. SO A BIG THANK YOU. 😁😁😁

  50. Shaun
    Shaun says:

    Didn’t work at all. Wound the box, the metal just grinds and screeches the most awful sound. Very disappointed they sold a product that didn’t work

  51. Nas Ahmad
    Nas Ahmad says:

    I love it when I got was in small envelope seemed to me a mini card. It’s impressive Nd I attached it with my anniversary gift . He love it too Nd put it in his wallet. It’s Mattel carving with words.

  52. Pleased or Not
    Pleased or Not says:

    Ordered this just to make my wife smile and it worked. Glass seems sturdy enough and holds a good bit of wine. She was happy with it. Then I got an email from the seller making sure it had arrived undamaged and stating that if I had a problem they could refund me or ship out another one. The glass was fine so I did not reply. It had been packaged very well, so no chips or cracks. Nice to know they will stand behind it though! Great UPDATE: We have washed this at least a dozen times in the upper rack of the dishwasher and it still looks brand new. No issues, high quality and highly recommended!

  53. Nancy
    Nancy says:

    This by far is one of my most favourite buys!! I originally was buying this as a gift but decided to purchase one for for our family. BEST INVESTMENT! Can’t wait to have people over to create yummy boards!It does have to be treated( have to purchase separately) before use so there is some work to it before using it but not that hard.

  54. victoria
    victoria says:

    this is just fab. It is very weighty. I checked the original set code and works fine. it comes with 2 rings (not brilliant ones but nice enough) for on a necklace of which 2 leather look ones are provided in a beautiful velvet bag. inside the puzzle lock you also get 2 proper rings (im unsure what made from but they look lovely as nice little keep sakes) and both have lovely engraving messages on them. I cannot wait to give this as a valentines. a great and different style pressie with a giggle too. Arrived early in great packaging too

  55. Tony
    Tony says:

    Buy your better half’s favorite color and Bam! cheap way to score browney points with your significant other. 😉 Seriously, impressed with quality for how cheap they were. Highly recommended.

  56. Stuart Harrington
    Stuart Harrington says:

    I bought for my wife as a novelty Xmas present.. We have had a right giggle when I was given one as a “date night in”Great gift and brings plenty of laughs and just what we needed with all the stuff going on in the world right now. Very good.

  57. Rae
    Rae says:

    I collect these, as do a lot of people. They look so wonderful in a little vase, all together, and they don’t die and you can dust them off very easily with a static duster. This light pink one is the best I’ve ever gotten. It is much larger than any other I’ve every bought or tested. The gold is painted on perfectly. You can really tell just by looking from far away that it is real, but up close it looks more real than other real roses. I’m incredibly impressed with this one. The quality is very very high. They simply used a slighter larger rose with a thicker stem. I love it and I’d give it ten stars. Good luck with your search.

  58. Shahad Fouad
    Shahad Fouad says:

    I’m shocked how tiny this necklace was. It has no resemblance to the heart of oceans in any aspects! Cheap quality don’t waste your money here, get it somewhere else.

  59. Tom Stewart
    Tom Stewart says:

    Made my wife cry she loved it. I bought this as a gag gift to go with another one I bought but turned out to be an awesome gift

  60. Quality shopper
    Quality shopper says:

    This is a really nice, good quality gift! The rose colored coating has a even tone. The writing on the outside is easy to read though I would have liked a larger font. The mirrors inside are clear and not distorted like most small mirrors. My Wife really liked the gift including the marble decoration on the gift box! A Very Good Buy.

  61. Mrs T
    Mrs T says:

    The hole needs to be bigger to have a bigger ring that’s not so thin and flimsy. My husband is afraid he’ll lose it as it is….

  62. Jennifer Davis
    Jennifer Davis says:

    My boyfriend and I have a long distance relationship, he lives in Ohio, and I live in Virginia. Therefore, I needed something small but sweet that I could put inside a Valentine’s Day card and mail. This was perfect! Nice quality, exactly as described in the listing. I love it!

  63. Gnosis
    Gnosis says:

    Don’t be cheap. Just buy the flower that comes with the stand. It all works out. A really really sturdy and solid display stand

  64. Rob Dalton
    Rob Dalton says:

    The most important thing is that my daughter really liked it. The blanket got here before it was supposed to which is normal for Amazon because they are such a great company.

  65. Donna Wood
    Donna Wood says:

    This was whimsical but heartfelt. My better half put it in his wallet right away. They had many to choose from. I will buy another one for another ocassion, Good quality, good weight, and could be read easily.

  66. michael
    michael says:

    Rose is OK but the necklace was crap way to much money worth about 10 pound the necklace had to go in the bin as it turn my parntrrs neck green and I was gutted at valentines day and felt really bad that Lauren my wife didn’t really get a gift

  67. B.
    B. says:

    Great alternative to a card that gets thrown after a few days. A keepsake for those that like that sort of thing to have on display. Item felt of decent quality, good thickness with red paper coated inside to write on.

    ANDY SIPSON says:

    Great romantic giftBrought it for my partner for valentines day and she loved it.Great presentation box and fast delivery

  69. Amazon Customer
    Amazon Customer says:

    I did ordered this item to late for my Taughters birthday and was almost certain it will be one day late. I think I did mention this and this arrived in one ( overnight) day and it made my day and gift make my Taughters smile and happy . Not expensive and nice gift. Thank you guys s lot.

  70. Amazon Customer
    Amazon Customer says:

    The writing on the item, which was the main reason for me to buy it, is faded or not clear enough. This gives an impression of poor gift.

  71. Cj Mortimer
    Cj Mortimer says:

    My fault I’m not checking the size before ordering so I was surprised it was so small lol. The box is made of very light and cheap materials as you would expect and the printing is a little haphazardly placed on it in some spots. The music gears themselves are pretty good

  72. Anthony deLeon
    Anthony deLeon says:

    My girlfriend absolutely loved it. She loves beauty and the beast. This was perfect. Safe to say I won valentine’s day this year. Only problem is how do I top this hahaha

  73. Regular Shopper
    Regular Shopper says:

    This looks better in the picture than in real life. It is small and cheap. You have to look hard to work out what it is (supposed to be a bear). Dont waste your money, it went in the bin it was that bad.

  74. Penelope Pitstop
    Penelope Pitstop says:

    I know it’s entirely my fault for not reading the dimensions of the product, but put your hand up, who does? Anyway I digress, I bought this for my dad to give to my mum and although she did like it, it was only TINY. My mum had to ask me to read the message on the lid, as the writing was very small. My negative comment (maybe it wouldn’t bother others) was that you had to wind it continuously to play the whole song, I thought it would have been like other wind up items I’ve had before, where you wind a few times and it plays the whole song. The other negative comment (not against the product) was that it was for delivery next day which it did come next day, but Amazon driver didn’t knock, he posted a card and left package in our bin-shed, package was soaking wet.

  75. Matthew Gettmann
    Matthew Gettmann says:

    Says stainless steel…not magnetic in any way. Not sure what it is made of but last time I checked anything with iron in it should be magnetic.

  76. Magda
    Magda says:

    I love it and my second half enjoyed getting it (or so I was told). Little but plenty of space if you want to pour your soul out. Very beautiful and romantic and different. Love the fact that envelope included is big enough for the card. Definitely will be looking for different designs.

  77. pandaskittles
    pandaskittles says:

    This is a beautiful necklace. I gifted it to my fiancé and she loved it. One day we were lounging around and her chain accidentally broke. I ended up ordering a new one and it arrived pretty quick. I’d recommend this necklace to others.

  78. Hayden0907
    Hayden0907 says:

    Lovely crafted candle stick designs with a beautiful meaning behind each one. I had trouble deciding which design to choose, but eventually went with the bestie one for one of my close friends. I’m tempted to also purchase a daughter one as she recently moved to her new home and would be lovely for her!I’d reccomend this product for anyone looking to decorate their home with love and thought. Wonderful!Happy customer here :)

  79. Jan
    Jan says:

    This is definitely value for money, I got it for my husband for our 40th wedding anniversary, I wanted to get something different and put my own message in, considering the price of cards I didn’t think this was over priced for the unique style of it, plus it can stand as a ornament instead of just going in the drawer or bin

  80. Mr Rev
    Mr Rev says:

    Bought these for the misses Valentines Day and we had a good bit fun with these. The cleaning coupon wasn’t so fun but theres other coupons that are well worth the buy if you know what i mean lol.

  81. Laasya
    Laasya says:

    It’s a really amazing ring with good quality. I got this for my mom for Mother’s Day..hope she likes it haha

  82. Sexy Tina
    Sexy Tina says:

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  I brought this for my daughter’s 19th birthday and she is inlove with it. It is as beautiful as in the princess,but my picture and video is not show its beauty as much. And it works perfectly as a night light. It’s a wonderful mother daughter gift. ❤

  83. Laurie Montovani
    Laurie Montovani says:

    My husband bought me one for our anniversary and it is the softest, most comfortable blanket ever. I loved it so much I bought one for my mom for Mother’s Day. She also loved it and said it was super soft, but it has a spelling mistake in the postage stamps towards the top. I didn’t notice but my mom did right away lol..I checked back on the posting for the item on here and you can even see it in that picture haha

  84. Kristy
    Kristy says:

    Im obsessed with this gift I received for Mother’s Day!! Perfect gift for any special girl or woman in your life!

  85. Dan
    Dan says:

    I purchased this as a gift for Valentines day for my Wife, She absolutely loved it and spent a few minutes looking it over. It now proudly sits on our mantle for everyone to see, it comes with its own stand. The flower looks very cool covered in resin and Gold, highly recommend.

  86. Amazon Customer
    Amazon Customer says:

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  The best gift ever for a loved one.It is indeed a beautiful present. I got it for my sister and she loved it.

  87. Goodman
    Goodman says:

    Lovely item gave as a gift she had loads of fun and frustration trying to workout the word I’d chose lol but she finally cracked it a week later very good novelty gift

  88. mark llewellyn
    mark llewellyn says:

    Bought this for our 27th anniversary and the wife absolutely loves it .A great product and fast delivery

  89. kaitie
    kaitie says:

    I bought this for a child as play jewelry and was really surprised at how nice it looks, I ended up buying one for myself. It’s more of a Rose gold than a true gold colour. I’m not sure how to make the words work. We tried shining a cell phone light through and could sort of see the image. Either way it’s super cute.

  90. Bob Rodgers
    Bob Rodgers says:

    Bought this for the wife just as a little present. It went down very well and I got a few brownie points for it.

  91. Theresa Chaundy-Brain
    Theresa Chaundy-Brain says:

    As described, personally not a card I would buy again, but it was idea for what I wanted at the time

  92. Adnan Ak
    Adnan Ak says:

    I paid 38 euro but even 5 euro is too much, I bought it as a birthday present for my girlfriend, but it looks very poor quality and cheap

  93. Bree Martinez
    Bree Martinez says:

    Its a cute fun little gift to remind the one you love, that they’re your sunshine. This was a song my wife would sing our son and kinda became our song too. I sing it to her on her down days. She plays it often and it reminds me she loves me too. The sentiment behind it is worth every penny. Its fairly well built but I wouldnt let the kids play with it

  94. Jo
    Jo says:

    Very light cheaply made, not sturdy at all made from balsawood wouldn’t trust the candle flames near it either really disappointed with this certainly not value for money at all DO NOT BUY

  95. Thetis of the Silver Feet
    Thetis of the Silver Feet says:

    ‘This card was purchased for a daughter in law and was highly praised as being very attractive and unusual.

  96. A McKinnon
    A McKinnon says:

    Smaller than expected. Would be better if country of origin was shown on all item descriptions this would save a lot of disappointment. Cheap tat. Would not waste my money again.

  97. Verena Russell
    Verena Russell says:

    Ordered for a friend who was leaving worn . She lives it and wanted something that would remind her of her time at work .A little small but this adds to the charm

  98. TOMunro
    TOMunro says:

    This is a 30th anniversary present and the design of the mug (thin rimmed china) and the inscription were just perfect for the occasion.

  99. D. prof Pad.
    D. prof Pad. says:

    I really like the rose itself but the leaves look fake for a real rose. Color is vibrant and the box it came in was frayed. For the price, I expected a new box.

  100. Patricia Bordula
    Patricia Bordula says:

    It’s a perfect size and lights up nice and easy to read. Beautiful heartfelt wordingMy Grandson will love it for years to come I’m sure

  101. CFive
    CFive says:

    The rose looks good and the necklace looks classy. I only got it as a last minute gift as the main present would not arrive on time. But really pleased I did as my wife was impressed. Don’t think the rose will take much handling but the necklace should last quite a while, for the price, excellent.

  102. Ollie beak
    Ollie beak says:

    The scandals are delightful and unusual. I bought them for a good friend and she was thrilled. The quality is excellent. They were carefully packed by the seller and arrived safely and when expected.

  103. Angela
    Angela says:

    Bought this for the birthday of a very close friend who had been going though quite a lot. When she opened her present and read the message on the blocks she filled up with tears. It was fragrant, sincere and design wise suited her personality and creativity too . For that sort of reaction it was worth every penny.

  104. Chris
    Chris says:

    My wife loved this. She’s a numbers person to begin with and it was difficult to find meaningful steel gifts for the traditional 11th anniversary gift.

  105. Dominika
    Dominika says:

    The written at the bottom of the larger stand was very faint,not sure if it’s because it was kept wrongly or just not caught the paint. Nice gift

  106. The Bear Facts
    The Bear Facts says:

    There’s a very fine line on these eternal-rose type gifts – the concept is sound, but if it’s badly executed it can end up tacky, or just feeling too cheap to want to present to someone you really care about.This jewellery box and rose combination has achieved an exceptionally good balance, particularly for the budget. The finish of the base is slightly soft, satiny, and the drawer opens without sticking or rattling, with chamfered edges for a smooth finish on the front. The logo is slightly askew, but printed well and I can see this being an attractive gift for wedding or social photographers to have branded, perhaps carrying a USB stick with images in the drawer.The rose and glass is done very well. Many of these have a grade of glass that makes the rose look dead or is too reflective and uneven to view it properly; this has a good clarity and shape. The rose petals look lush and vibrant, and the decoration is shiny – silver highlights, small bells – without being too gaudy.And of course, there is the drawer itself. It uses the full depth of the ornament and has a surprising amount of space; you open it a small amount and it looks like that would be enough, but as you can see in the pictures it’s almost like a bank safety deposit box it goes back so far!Given the relatively low cost of this, I think it’s excellent – and as a gift it carries the right balance of quality and taste to be rather lovely. It comes in gifting-appropriate packaging as well, with an attractive box (albeit with some printing for the product specs that lets it down a bit) and a gift bag so you’re ready to go as soon as it’s delivered.

  107. Perry
    Perry says:

    I bought this for a 42 anniversary gift. I wasn’t expensive and was packed very neatly. In its box. It looks very pretty.

  108. Bianca w.
    Bianca w. says:

    My boyfriend loved it however the O-ring broke after being on his keys for like a month. We just looped the tag into the keychain part but a teeny bit dissapointed.

  109. Melissa
    Melissa says:

    So it came in the beautiful box as shown, very heavy so feels quality, craftsmanship is good, came with 4x rings 2x lord of the rings in bag 2x love forever rings in the cryptex which I wasn’t expecting so that’s a a paper giftbag 4x chains 2x metal wouldn’t trust any of the jewellery to be sterling silver but that’s expected. 2xstring the card is written so incorrectly its unbelievable but can be replaced or overlooked. Overall 5* because it looks and feels quality and I only wanted the cryptex and the presentation of the rings. Worth the money spent delivery was fast.


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